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  1. What are some good books on magic theory? I have read Royal Road to Card Magic, that is an excelent book. But I was looking for something on theory in general. I have also read/own Expert at the Card Table, and a few other Hugard books. I am in need of some new reading material, but not sure where to start.

  2. Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz
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    maximum entertainment - ken weber
  4. I've heard that "Five Points in Magic" by Juan Tamariz is an excellent choice when it comes to theory. Can't really give you a personal opinion though as i don't own a copy of it yet.
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    Here are some that helped me immensely (and really changed my perception of how magic ought to be performed):

    Absolute Magic -- by Derren Brown
    Strong Magic -- by Darwin Ortiz
    Designing Miracle -- by Darwin Ortiz
    The Magic of Ascanio -- compiled and written by Jesus Etcheverry
    The Magic Way by Juan Tamariz

  6. thank you all for you imput. I looks like i have a great list, time to start reading. :D

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