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  1. So in the last "finding the best magic trick" by Chris Ramsay, towards the middle the Magic Five, a Ukrainian group, did a trick that the spectator named a card, formed a gun with his hand, "shot" the deck, and his named card popped out of the deck. Was wondering if any no knew where to get that trick. Thanks a lot Guys!!
  2. I think it involves loops, for the rest I can’t help you
  3. But then how would the spectator be able to name any card?
  4. I’ll watch again the performance (thinking emoji)
  5. Wonder Makers sell the Fire Watch on their website. That explains the aesthetics, unless they're using a different tool there.

    The trick doesn't seem to be available on the website though. There is a chance that it was not one trick but a combination which they created. Regardless, it'll probably appear on their website if they are convinced it'll get enough buyers.

    As for how the card Chris named was 'shot' out, I don't know. It could have been a subtle psychological force, like the forces Derren Brown reportedly uses? But judging from their performance style, I think it is much more probable that since the aesthetics of the trick was so brilliant that Chris had pre-decided with them which card he'd name so that their brand got promoted. That'd be a good thing to do, in my opinion, seeing that the Magic Five has wonderful products but since it's Russia-based, it's not garnered enough attention.

    Which means that part is probably for the sake of promotion. If not, well, we might find out in a few months. In exchange of 200$ of course.
  6. But in a older video by Chris Ramsay about the ethics of revealing effects, he said that he was against"faking" magic (such as telling people to scream/run away) so I don't think that that is the case here.
  7. As I said, it's not really that easy to figure it out. Chris is a magician himself, so even if he knew how the trick worked, he'd not include that angle or that shot. People say a lot of things and then tip-toe around their own words.

    That being said, when he talked about not 'faking' reactions, he was referencing the blatant (and poor) ''stooging'' Jibrizy was doing.

    By knowing how the trick worked and yet pretending not to for the benefit of a lesser known but amazing group of magicians, he's not messing with the ethics, instead helping the art form grow and the focus of magician-'consumers' expand in terms of where they can get their tricks from.

    It still is possible that he didn't know how they did that. All I'm saying is that it's unlikely.

    Regardless the effect is beautiful. For some reason I find myself more fascinated by the fiery flare than the fact that the randomly named card turned over.
  8. unless its paying you, do as i say , not what do type thing. i love chris, hes kinda what got me to start magic again, but reviewing shit he does goes to show he only cares about views. hes even stepping away from magic slowly (his own performing it on video) probably because he's beat, and without being able to pull camera tricks off he cant do anymore.
  9. I admit I don't like puzzles that much. I also admit I'd love another 'performing magic to non-magicians and non-machines' video from him.

    He's just changed his demographic, in my opinion, and, well, looking at the numbers, it does seem to be a good decision. Just my unasked-for 0.25 cents. :)

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