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  1. Hey everyone, on Halloween, i'm gonna be volunteering at a church for activities etc.. I'll be in charge of a station........i chose to make it for Magic Tricks. Anyways, i was told to do anything ...as long as they get candy? haha. so i was thinking..showing and teaching..and somehow if they guess how i do something, they get candy? im not quite sure what to do, and i was hoping id get some advice here on theory11. if you could please leave some ideas, id really appreciate it. thanks in advance.
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    Teach a toothpick vanish. For a performance swallow 5 needles and a length of thread and pull them out of your mouth linked...

    I do it on every halloween and it kills
  3. uhm, yeah....too bad i dont know anything like that haha

    i was prepared to do haunted deck, and use the gaff card of the shadow masters, maybe a few routines with a normal deck
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    The thread and needles is really worth learning and it is found best described in Tarbells Course in Magic volume 4 i think.

    Depending on the age of the kids would recomend Stigmata because it deffinantly has a creepy feel if performed right.

    Haunted deck is killer as always.

    Pen in Glass is good for raising the dead to help move the pen. Im sure you could come up with your own method in a couple of minutes if you dont know how to do that.

    Mitch Daniels
  5. the kids are about 7 ~ 14 or so

    Maybe....invisible thread some light objects...and make them move? float? also an idea i just thought up of
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    Also if you have Tattoo Joe; Bloody hand print.

    You could do some version of a rising card.

    If you have any of Daniel Madison's BURN effects those would be killer.

    Mitch Daniels

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