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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Josh Simpson, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. I haven't posted on these forums for a while but I thought this could be a little something to put up.
    Whilst playing with some sleights I happened upon this little change, it isn't much nor do I believe it to look any good but never the less you can use it as you wish and play with it and improve it. It just happened out and I never intended it to really be anything and as I type this I have already come up with about 10 new improvements, however here you go. And excuse the camera quality, I only had my webcam at the time:
  2. I like it from what I can see, Smooth and subtle.

    I'd like to see it performed soemtime perhaps.

    Are the angles good?
  3. To be honest this was just a little something that came to me whilst practicing but I have adapted it for performance so will post up a video sometime in the near future :)

  4. I hate to say but this isn't something new, It's actually been out for a while now. And unfortunately, yes the angles are something to watch

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