Heat (My Take)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Yano, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Here's my go on heat but a variation, I've yet to get the patter down right haha, since it took me like 2hrs after i got ultragaff, theres some things i'm gonna change but not yet anyways. However i do like the rubbing the fingers after the color change rubs, seems quite effective. Anyways hope u enjoy.

  2. Not bad, but your hands seems a little bit awkward when performing this trick. Other than that, I enjoyed the video.
  3. haha ye might be because of the sitting position or sometimes i need my left hand to handle the cards where my right hand cant like spreading cards.
  4. Thought it was a cool routine, but a couple of things.

    Don't point out it's a red deck or laymen will be watching the colour of the deck; if you're using a red deck, they can see it's red.

    Another thing.. the colour change to turn the dec blue was too much sloppy hand cover. Just do a cardini or even a simple erdnase would be great.
  5. Yup someone told me that b4 too I will edit that text when i can. Thanks ye i'll reduce the movement of the sway i think. But umm u dont seem to understand ... that a erdanase or cardini wont leave the card where it needs to be.

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