HELP!!!! How do I get better reactions?

Jan 4, 2014
Hey everyone,

I have been practicing and perfecting this trick and i have had it for several years now. Doing different versions and variations but the same problem is i do not get a big reaction and i know for this trick i should get some amazing reactions out of people. I feel its the routine that is not getting the reaction like my patter or the way i go through everything. Can anyone and everyone please help me out? I'm also trying to get it perfect so i can get a great trick onto the wire to share with everyone.

The link is here :

Thank your for your help in advance.
Jun 27, 2014
Here's my thoughts:

1. Stop saying, "Okay", "Go ahead and...", and other filler/repetitive phrases. Try to only say words that move the story of the trick forward.

2. Be clear about the phases of the routine/trick. She probably had a hard time remembering her card because you didn't mention to remember the card, and immediately after she signed it, you moved on and said and did so many confusing things that she wasn't sure what to pay attention to.

3. Before the big reveal, it's usually good to build up first. Just like the build up before a breakdown in a song, or the climax of a movie. A good routine should ebb and flow. Try something like this - "So, you chose a card at random, you signed it twice. It got lost in the pack (maybe do a few false shuffles/cuts earlier to convince that the card is lost), and then you signed a quarter on both sides. Now you just saw me throw the quarter at the cards, and it seemed to disappear. But Obviously, it had to go somewhere right? What if I told you that it was sitting right on top of your signed card? What if I told you that the coin actually wound up INSIDE the card itself? That'd be pretty incredible right? go ahead, look through the cards and find your card.".

4. Don't start by putting the coin in the cards and don't draw attention to the gap. I'd say, if it's possible (I'm not sure exactly how the trick is done) try to get the coin in there secretly while you're talking about something and looking them in the eye. Just hand them the cards, show them that you have the coin in your hand, do a fr**ch d**p and a d**ch or whatever you want to get rid of the dupe coin, and then go into the explanation I wrote above in #3.

5. Relax, breath deep and slow, remember that a trick is better if it's too slow but clear rather than too fast and unclear. I'd rather have the spectators catch a secret move than not understand the trick as a whole. It seems like the girls in the video didn't really understand what had happened.

6. Keep going out and performing ;)
Jan 11, 2013
apart from the performance/patter needing work, the trick is fairly confusing and not that great if I'm honest. You put a coin in the middle of the deck, then you decide to 'take it out again' why do that, makes not sense. You show a gap that the coin creates when you put it in the middle and then after you 'take the coin out' you can still see a gap, and you can see the spectator notices this. The vanish of the coin is poor and wont fool anyone. I don't mean to sound harsh, but this trick needs so much work before you could ever perform it for people, let alone trying to put it on the wire, plus there are other tricks out there which are the same concept and a lot better.
Jan 4, 2014
no no no man your actually correct i need to look at all these things. i honestly thank you because i totally over looked the whole idea of why do i put the coin in the deck and take it right back out. only magicians understand i have to in order to do my secret move but to a spectator they are just gonna sit there and wonder why am i doing that in other words make me seem like i dont know what i am doing.

Thank you for being truly honest its gonna help me make it a better trick in the future.
Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
I would suggest that you look at the Wonder Words series by Kenton Knepper when it comes to your scripting, it will help you immensely. You should also get some lectures on showmanship under your belt, maybe even join an improvisation group locally as well as public speaking organizations where you can learn to speak comfortably in front of others and be more concise with your message. These are two things that will take you a very long way in life, not just in magic & performance; learn to COMMUNICATE.

When it comes to an effect or routine you really have to become your own worse critic and constantly ask questions such as has been noted, asking yourself "why" you do certain actions from the audience point of view rather than the technical. If actions don't make sense to the audience then you need to get rid of them and simplify the work.
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