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    I'm 14 years old, and Im looking for a easy or intermediate trick that will give me the best reactions possible when performing to friends... :p
    What kind of trick would you recommend me?? Thank you!!

    Till now the best reaction Ive ever got was with .44 (Symphony - Daniel Garcia) when performin in front of two kids that were 10 years old. I love DG's magic, cant wait for DGP 4-6!!


    P.D. Any easy but powerful levitation? (not the Balducci, I hate it...)
  2. Well you've come to the right place.....just browse through the tricks on this site. Each trick has a difficulty level bar based on whether it's easy, intermediate, or advanced. Just browse and jump in to see what you like!

  3. The best reactions will only come with the best presentation. I wouldn't recommend levitations if you're just starting looking for an easy or intermediate trick. Try this, though: Redline by Dan Hauss (1-on-1) (available for $6.95). It's pretty easy to do within 10-15 minutes of practice.

    It kind of sounds like you're just starting, so correct me if I'm wrong. Here are two other links to FREE videos for beginners.
    Classic Color Change
    Fancy Band

    Hope it helps!
  4. Scotch and Soda Coin ...enough said. I still get great reactions with this routine and I've been using it for 10 years.
    Mismade Bill Routine
    Sloppy Triump, Biddle, or any other card effect off of Born to Perform

    These are easy to intermediate and effects that I use in my working arsenal.

  5. Ok, thank you everyone! Im not just starting, and Ive been browsing this website for almost a year... but I was just asking which of the tricks that can be bought you think are the best. Im gonna buy redline just now!! I also like 5xSpeed, Sloppy Shuffle Triumph, Riot, Cookie Cutter, Pressure... Any more recommendations?? Thank you again!!
  6. I wouldn't recommend 5xSpeed or Riot, but that's just because they require gimmicks, and I'm for the most part, not a fan of gimmicks. There are a few exceptions, but whatever. Obviously Cookie Cutter is dangerous if used in the wrong way (razor blades in oreos?), so I wouldn't do that, but if you're careful with it, it's a nice looking effect. Triumph effects are quite nice, and Pressure is really cool. I would recommend them both.
  7. Five Speed is one of my most powerful tricks I know; I highly recommend it. Easy but effective; biddle trick.
  8. I suggest the step system dvd, great and "easy"
    are you looking for card tricks only ?
  9. Depends on what type of magic you like... mentalism, freak magic, etc... some of the best reactions I've gotten for the lowest price (seeing as you're 14, I assume you're not rolling in dough) would be:

    Saw - Sean Fields
    Autograph - Justin Miller

    Those are both good effects.
  10. 5 speed always get awsome reactionsso i recommend that and i also recommend the invisible deck. its extremely easy and works great... hope this helps =)
  11. im also 14 and pressure was the one of the first things i got when i started out doing magic. it always gets great reactions, its extremly simple and you can do it within minutes of watching the dvd
  12. I spoke a little bit about pressure with a friend... and we both agreed that it's one of those effects that's best when you've established yourself to your audience a bit. I great closer. or that "one more trick" effect. I do highly recommend it. I also recommend for beginners, anything Wayne Houchin has put out, simply because he is a great teacher. He teaches so much more than the effect itself. Thread might be a little much for starting out. And being that young, most normal parents would probably freak at the idea. His Art of Magic is fantastic.
  13. Ok, everyone, I´ll check out all the tricks you´ve told me... that will be quite a lot of time... :p Thanks!!

    Saborfang: Thanks for recommending me redline, is great!!

    AsherF: I also think that W:H and his magic are great!!
  14. It appears I'm a little late to the party. Are Gimmicks okay?

    5 Speed, ACR, Scotch and Soda, Watch steals (Takes a lot of practice and probably not going to blow over well for 14 year-olds), Linx (audience interaction makes it magical), Invisible deck, French Kiss (probably better for when you're a little older).

    You any good with coins? Menage et Trois is a GREAT coin routine in TOoC, but devilishly hard to do.
  15. Colorblind by Luke Jermey is simple, amazing, and there are 5 methods to fit your situations. For instance, non gimmicked, impromtu, blindfolded, and you can probably find out some different versions.
  16. Thank you, nlvaan!!
    Well, to be honest, I love gimmicks, I think theyre great...!! And I love 5xSpeed!
    If french kiss is taught in Art Of Magic (- Wayne Houchin) no, Im not too young to perform it... :)
    I like coin magic but Im very bad performing that kind of tricks... They're very difficult!
    I havent bought LINX because I use Slink (Daniel Garcia - Available at Ellusionist), The Crazy Mans Handcuffs (?), Missing Link (Chris Kenner - 1o1) and Raw Linkage (Marcus Eddie - T11 - FIVE). Do you think Linx is worth buying having the rest of them?? I forgot to write stairway, but I realize that isnt a rubber band link....!!
    Ok thank you Im gonna look for ACR, Scotch and Soda and Watch Steals.
  17. What makes a magic trick strong?

    Is it the trick? It can't be. You know that people can perform tricks well, and they can perform them badly. So tricks aren't inherently strong. What then makes a trick strong?

    When a person performs a strong trick, why is it strong?

    I'll give you a clue - it has very little to do with a trick. I realise that this advice, although I post it reasonably often, sometimes may come across as unhelpful. That's not the intention.

    But here's an idea. Look for them yourself, find the ones that work for yourself, and make them "hard hitting"! In all honestly, looking for the shortcut by asking for "best of" effects isn't gonna do you any favours, and 95% of the time will not get you the most hard-hitting effects you can perform. That's right, asking for good tricks will actually, the majority of the time, get you tricks that, when performed by you, will be second rate and common. So you'll be performing the same old stuff and probably not as well as you could be.

    Rather than ask "Where can I find the best effect", ask "Where can I find effects (possibly of x plot or from x magician)", go out, look through everything, and find what works for you. You want average material, ask for "the best" effects. And if you're satisfied with decent, go ahead. Some people are happy with being decent, and that's fine. But if you want to be better than that, with the best material and the highest possible impact? You'll have to work harder than that.

    The main reason for this is that the strongest effect in my arsenal, in all honestly, would probably not work at all for you. This is due to many reasons - personality, presentation, and just the effect in general. So why would I give that to you? Why would I a) give out something that will probably be inferior for you and b) give out what I've been working on for two years plus? Many, many people for example list Stigmata as their strongest effect, and many people buy it. You wanna know the truth, 95% of people's presentation of Stigmata is ****. Stigmata could be so, so much more. but no, they rely on the effect, rather than relying on themselves as a performer, and this separates the chaff from the wheat. I read a thread just yesterday of a Stigmata performance which was terrible!

    If you really want strong effects, you need to tell us what you're interested in, specifically, a plot or an author. Then you need to go look at everything by that author or on that plot, and decide what works for you, use that knowledge to mix the effects together, and base a presentation on what appeals to you, not what appeals to us. My favourite effect happens to be Zamiel's Rose, and yet I barely know anyone who has the personality to pull it off, so I never suggest it, it would be a travesty, the epitome of ruining magic. I mean what do you want me to say - follow your instructions exactly, and give you an effect that won't suit you and you won't be able to make the most of? I'd rather say this, the truth.

    See, ultimately, if you're told that in this book, there are three tricks that are good, then you'll (hopefully) buy the book, and go straight for those three tricks. In doing so, you are undermining your own search because you are going by what other people's standards! Instead, if you open a magic book, with absolutely no recommendations, then you are forced to evaluate, for yourself, each and every entry in that book.

    This is not to say we (or I) don't want to help. This is to say, rather, that it should be the right help, if you really want the best magic.

    Take for example Deezy's post, recommending Pressure. You decide to look into Pressure.

    What you've done is said, "This works for Deezy. Therefore I'm going to check it out."

    Are you Deezy? If not, why do you expect this to be an effective way of looking for tricks?

    Go buy a book or something, that's where the good stuff is.
  18. Quoted for truth.

    If you're looking for a book, I recently got Aaron Fisher's The Paper Engine, and I have to say it's an amazing book.
  19. i would recomend two card monte, its one of my favorite tricks, impromptu and very little setup

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