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  1. So, as my title says, I need your help. I know absolutely nothing about cardistry other than throwing cards.. which may or may not be a flourish. I've watched a bunch of Chris Ramsay's tutorial videos on different one handed cuts, then tried the cuts, but all those cuts or flourishes are waaaay to hard. I have some Baron Barclay bridge cards that I've been throwing around, do I need a different deck? Anything you say will help x'D Much appreciated.
  2. Nope you will not need a different deck.Cardistry can be done on any deck (except very few moves which might need a good deck)

    To start off I recommend you to first learn spring and charlier cut.
    When you are smoothly able to do charlier ,go for revolution cut,then for scissor cut.

    Also,start learning the 'sybil cut'(52 kards has a great tutorial on it).You don't have to be super fast at doing Sybil but just get comfortable at it because that Sybil grip is an opener for many flourishes which you will learn later on.

    One beginner flourish is werm which will help you.(link left at the end)

    So as you go on searching these moves on YouTube you will get many suggestions and If you like any flourish from the suggestions ,go on adding them in a playlist.This way you will have a list of bunch of moves which you can go on learning as you progress.

    One disclaimer: Do Not learn the revolution cut from 52Kards because he teaches it wrong (except revolution cut everything is fine on 52Kards)
    Learn rev cut from Ekaterina and after that watch tips from 'dealersgrip' channel.

    I hope this information is helpful to have a good start in Cardistry.Someone please correct me if anything is wrong.:)

    Sybil cut:

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  3. Thank you so much! I have already learned the swing cut, and as well as the charlier. Swing cut I got down, charlier is harder.. As you said, I'll master the charlier and spring (Once I learn the spring..) then move on to revolution. I also learned the Sybil, but super slow at it :p And all this information is a tremendous help!
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  4. I'm glad!:):)
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  5. I am going to add my two cents to this discussion. First of all, I am reluctant to contradict Desert Cool because he is supportive, has offered some great tips, and I would be willing to bet that he is far more accomplished in cardistry than myself. However, he did invite us to offer an opinion that might differ from any of those he gave. So here goes. I think that the deck that is used matters greatly. Cards are essentially pieces of paper. They are fragile and absorbent. Some are much better than others from a quality and handling standpoint. Over time, they will bend, warp, crease, get dirty and gritty, absorb oils from the hands and get greasy. Friction will be reduced and they will stick together and clump. This prevents or greatly diminishes the effectiveness and look of many flourishes and cardistry moves, such as fans, giant fans, springs, dribbles, table spreads and turnovers, the spread flourish, waterfall shuffles, faro shuffles, one-handed riffle shuffles, and more.

    So my recommendation is to use the best deck best you can afford - Bicycles and Bees are of consistently good quality, and are just fine if your budget is limited. Then, once you notice that with age and use the cards are sticking and/or clumping, and not allowing your flourishes and cardistry moves to be smoothly executed and to look beautiful, well, it's time to get a new deck.
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  6. Yep agreed to Al e Cat Dabra.
    I think for beginning in cardistry , you might not need a very good deck ....But as you progress to that higher level , you will need a good one.

    XxJokersxX you said that you have a bridge sized deck.If you buy a good deck like Tally-ho or Bicycle or any other custom deck, then they are mostly gonna be poker sized.So because of the change in the size you will take some to get used to the new size(that's what happened with me).
    Just one more tip (for XxJokersxX) that while practicing , cards will fall down constantly.So don't get frustrated due to failure while practicing a new flourish.And that's it.

    Thank you Al e Cat Dabra for correcting me.:)
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  7. I had saw the ribbon spread on youtube and tried doing it with my deck, but all my cards were clumping together -.- So I went and grabbed my "Aquarius Beatles USA Playing Cards" which I never used because they were extremely wider than my bridge deck, so they just sit in the box, BUT when I did grab them, I was actually able to do the Ribbon Spread without them clumping! So technically, Desert Cool and Al e Cat Dabra your both right xD Thank you guys!
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  8. No bother, that's one main reason we're all here, to help each other out.

    Actually Poker size is wider than Bridge. Bridge are 3,5 inches long, 2.25 inches wide; Poker are also 3,5 inches long, but are 2.5 inches wide.

    When it comes to playing cards, it's kind of like wine. What's the best wine? Well, the one you like. Guess that goes for most anything...

    That said, TBH, I'm not crazy about the Killer Bees. (Just crazy, period). They fan and spread attractively, but the pips are very small, and it's hard to distinguish hearts from spades at first look. Also the pips are crowded and bunched together in the center of the cards. People are likely to get confused if you do magic for them with these cards. The aces, which should be a feature of a custom deck, are kind of disappointing. All but the ace of spades have a tiny pip, and there is really nothing about them to love. The Court cards are cool, kind of geometric in design, and the backs, of course, represent a honeycomb, with the yellow pips popping nicely against the black. (I like that "pips popping" ha ha). However, the faces of the cards are predominantly black, so over time, you will get chipping off of the black surface and the resulting spottiness doesn't look so nice.

    My personal recommendation, if you want to acquire a custom/designer type deck that won't break the bank, are the Red Monarchs from Theory 11 for about a buck more than the Killer Bees. They are lovely and classy, handle beautifully, and unlike the Killer Bees, are great for both cardistry and magic.

    Good luck and have fun!

    A e C D
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  9. Just saying...Werm is easier and looks better than Sybil Cut, personal opinion here.
    Also, check the Hubble out. It will take time, but if my miniature hands and poop deck could do it, you can do it too.

    Finally, please don't abort any cardistry move because it looks or feels difficult the first time. If it were so easy, it wouldn't be special, would it? :) :) :)
    Check this out, might boost your confidence?
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