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    Hey, can you help me with the method of FS?

    I can't seem to get the proper angle... i tried different bottles and looked at them in front of a mirror but i can't get it right. Does it have anything to do with the bottle itself? This part in the DVD wasn't explained as thoroughly as i hoped, it just explained how the disappearance worked. Can someone please help me with the placing and angle ... thanks and hopefully i didn't expose much.
  2. 2 things... ...

    1. You exposed too much...
    2. It is pretty clear..... use a mirror to get the angle right..
  3. 1) Look at the mirror.

    2) Adjust until you get the right angle.

    3) Look at the position of the ****, remember it and make sure it is in that position when you are performing.
  4. it shouldn't be that hard when you practice with a mirror, the only additional advice i can give is try it with someone who can help you (someone who knows the trick or where it doesn't matter that much when you expose it), and basically the coin has to be in the position shown on the dvd as for the angle the coin has to face the spectators with it's edge. hope i could help.
  5. i use my left arm to hold the bottle.. when you raise the bottle, try to align the blahblahblah to the direction of your arm (adjacent).. that way, the position of the blahblahblah will be aligned to the desired angle.
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  7. Hes Dosent Own Fs Hes Just Trying To Get The Method
  8. How do you know?
  9. Methods are not and never should be discussed in the open, this is a public forum for anyone to read as they please. The method and handlings were explained in extreme detail on the DVD so I am questioning if you actually even own this product in the first place.

    I tell you what. If you want I will PM you a question based on the contents of the DVD that you could not possibly know unless you owned it. If you answer it correctly I will help you in private but not on a public forum. You let me know.

  10. I personally think this thread should be deleted, Its exposing the trick a tad much.

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