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  1. Hey guys, I need soem help putting together a nice little street routine. I am going to list my effects that I perform on the street and I am hoping maybe one of you guys can help me out witht his.

    Ok so here are the street effect I mostly perform:
    -2 card monte
    -Here then there card transpo
    -Hand to mouth (From the trilogy)
    -Predicting a chosin card
    -Mercury (By, David Kong)
    -Color Changing deck/Blindsided (From penguin)
    -signed card to wallet (impromptu)

    Ok so that is mostly all the effects that I perform. So any ideas on how I could combine all these together to make a nice little street routine or anything I should add?

    Thanks guys and I hope to hear back soon.
  2. Well, even though I do not have too much experience routining, here's my two cents.

    You have a lot of effects which tend to "transport" the card impossibly to another location. You could follow a patter of having the ability to move cards and make them jump from place to place.

    This is my idea, open with two card monte and here then there, these are two simple tricks which are hard hitting and involve the audience. Now I'd move onto hand to mouth and then finally signed card to wallet which would be the "big finisher"

    Personally I don't think predicting a chosen card would suite the theme set by the others. But if so, then do it at the beginning as this will instantly form a connection of belief with your audience.

    I don't know, I still don't have much experience with routning and properly organizing effects so forgive me if this isn't the greatest plan, maybe a more experienced member can supplement you with a better organized routine but I think this can be performed with the transpositioning theme in mind...
  3. Hmm well looks pretty good.

    Tallk about your ability to change the consistancy of things.
    *2cm, Here then there, signed card to walled*
    Then talk about being able to do other things with your "Ability"
    *Read mind*
    Then talk about the sences and how you can make someone think they are seing something that isnt really there. Do mercury then change the color of the deck.
    And to finish it off make the deck vanish if you can.

    If you dont like that then come up with your own routine. Or just trick jump.

    Hope that helped
  4. try and combine 3 or for different elements of magic in your routine. start with something visual, then something longer with a more mental attribute, then finish with a trick which involves both the latter.

    variety is the key. if you keep on performing different transpo effects, the spectator will be amazed for a bit, but then it will just get redundant. the strongest way to create a true feeling of magic is to break the pattern and surpise the audience.

    for instance, say u perform 2cm, then here then there, then card to wallet, the spectator knows that, presumably, the next thing you do will be just like everything else you did, a transpo. however, if you, for example, performed 2cm then here then there, THEN you broke the pattern and performed a mind reading effect or say a triumph routine, the spectator would not expect it and they would be more amazed.

    also try and mix visual magic with mental magic. this varies what the audience is seeing so that the magic doesnt just become "eye candy" or to contrast "boring".

    i hope my rabbling on can help you. it may not all make sense, but its helped me to routine my effects.


    p.s. if you want more help in routining, i suggest you buy designing miracles by darwin ortiz. this book changes the way you think about magic. honestly, it was one of the best magic books i have ever read!
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  5. Wow guys, I really like your ideas and I have been doing magic for about 3 years now and I would of thought that the transpo thing would of hit me in the head.

    OK, I missed a few of the tricks I do but here is my idea for a routine:

    Two card monte, here then there, an invisble deck.

    How does that look? Or what should I change?
  6. You look like your in pretty good shape. I gotta start cleaning up my routine.
    Good luck on whatever you end up using.
  7. Well personally i say ouch.

    You have 2 great tricks with normal deck then you have to switch.
    I really dont like switching out decks.

    but its your routine and Really you can do whatever you want to.
  8. Hmm, your right maybe I should vanish the deck and then go on to the invisible deck routine.
  9. or you can keep the invisible deck as a backup in case one of your other tricks fail, You can use it as a reveal, or something of the sort, rather than switching decks, or use it as an opener, it works great for that

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