Here is my first promo vid. Looking for feedback!

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  1. Pretty cool!!!

    The promo made me very curious to see what you will be performing in your videos and you have established your character/branding (the Scorpion). I really liked how you took the Black Scorpion deck and made it your signature deck which not a lot of magicians would use. The video was edited decently showing that you have a repertoire of effects and the reactions you received were great and will make people curious about you and your magic.

    I want to see more from you before I can come up with an opinion and give criticism. Overall, the promo was edited well and I can see that you have a number of effects to perform that will get a great response from your audience. Your style, character, and effects separates you from other magicians in the community. I would highly suggest that you upload your promo to Xavior Spade's fix yer trick subreddit to get feedback from others. Congrats to you for making a channel and promo and you got yourself a subscriber. Can't wait to see more.

    -Spencer Elvis
  2. Hey man,
    Thank you so much for the in-depth comment and support. Means a lot to me. Performing and putting a video out has been a goal of mine for a long time. It has been a bit difficult to network in the magic community as a newcomer...there needs to be more individuals like yourself. I will check out Xavior Spade's subreddit and see what they say. Stay tuned for more videos :)
  3. I love seeing people with unique Styles. I want to say that @spencerelvis gave you awesome advise! I do not want to discount his advice AT ALL!

    This is what I suggest:


    Nothing? Yes. I think you are different. I think you have something going. And Xavier Spade is absolutely brilliant with stuff like this just as @spencerelvis suggested. But this is me. Me only!

    You have a uniqueness about you that shouldn't be disturbed. This is why I suggest nothing. Hear me out:

    If you can recall Daniel Madison from many years ago (probably not, I'm just old). He had these old and grainy looking black and white videos. There were fanboys rushing to do their stuff just like his. It was great! But when you look at it now, you're like, eww...

    Not that its bad (well kind of), its nothing compared to how awesome his videos have evolved.

    He's still doing the black and white thing, but the footage and the imagery has vastly improved and he LITERALLY stands out better than any magician I've seen on film.

    Dalton Wayne is another guy that had these off the wall videos and I thought it was meh. But he kept evolving that style and now it stands out like crazy. I'm actually a fan of his stuff!

    You have something I feel that should not be disturbed! You stand apart from most video creators and I love that. Getting a guy who's stuff may or may not look like 100 other people I feel will disturb your creativity. So I will not suggest you change it. I will say to let your creativity evolve.

    Don't you touch it at all! For now.....

    YOU find out what you want to add or take away and if you continue this, we will have people trying to mimic your style.

    I don't want to ask, what is the thing with you and the scorpion. What does it represent?

    I also like the slowed down thing at the end. We call that style "screwed" down south.
  4. Oh and I subbed!
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  5. Wow that was very professional. You deserve more views and subs
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  6. I am going to be honest and allow you to take this however you want. Consider it constructive criticism. I really enjoyed the look and feel of your video. Very street like and hip - Great spectator reactions, music and shows your diverse repertoire of effects.

    That being said. Can you answer these questions?
    "Who is your target market?"
    "What are your goals with the video?"
    --Is it to become more well known in the magic community? Is it to book corporate gigs and make money at black tie events? If its the latter, then I believe the potential clients need to see you at corporate events wowing the
    crowds at tables and such rather than out on the streets. Again, this is just "my" feelings/opinion.

    Make your reels fit your needs and goals as you move further into our art.

    You are already a huge step ahead of most of the users on here so keep on going buddy. Well done.
  7. Thanks guys!

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