Hey Guys does anyone know Chris Ramsay’s psychological trick?

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  1. Hey what’s up people,

    so there’s this trick that’s been killing me for a while, I’ve been doing magic for about 11 years now and I still can’t wrap my head around it. Basically Chris asks a spectator to think of any card in the deck, he then asks him to change his mind multiple times, he is then able to divine which card the spectator MERELY THOUGHT OF. I do not think it’s a psychological force that someone like Derren brown uses because Chris seems to nail it every time. (But it’s always one of the court cards tho)

    if anyone has an idea on what the trick is, please tell us. (I don’t think it’s in Peter Turner’s pdf books, nor is it in Derren Brown’s books nor is it COG) I’ve looked into all of these
  2. Do you have a link to this effect?
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  3. Here you go

    time stamp is 01:17
  4. As the spectator is thinking of the card, have someone stand behind you and with a sign that says "Think of the King of Clubs" or just as you start to guess the card, have someone stand behind you with a sign that says "Make this a really cool video, agree with everything he says."
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  5. He's most likely using a very mundane method and a subtlety from Peter Turner.
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  6. Do you know where I can find this subtlety or method? I’ve looked into Peter turner’s pdf but I only found psychological forces. The thing that Chris Ramsay does looks concrete.
  7. As much as I tried to believe that’s the case, I do feel like he actually does it, I think when Chris Ramsay does his subtlety (which I don’t know what it is), it eliminates all cards except of the court cards of a specific suit, he then carries on to fish for which is the card, tell me if I should delete this by the way. I think I’ve revealed a lot
  8. I genuinely can't remember where I learned it. I'm pretty sure I actually learned it from someone other than Peter Turner, who used the subtlety in his bit of mind reading. It's been at least two years, though, so.
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  9. You're assuming he's doing a lot more work than he probably is.
  10. Is it the circle force? Because to me I thought the circle force was genius, but when I applied it to real spectators it backfired and the spectators immediately reverse engineered the whole thing :(
  11. No idea.

    As I said, it's been so long I don't even remember who made the mention.

    It was long enough that it was on video and I haven't purchased a video in over a year.
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  12. Chris has a way of doing it as mentioned above, where he eliminates all but the the court cards of a suit with specific open questions. i have also seen him do it as described in original question/post where he asks simply , think of a card, change your mind now change it again and instantly reveals it. now remember, this is a cut and edited video witch makes him look amazing to the spectator watching the video, but know that there could be items missing in the video or, he may have done it multiple times failing and when he hit the lucky 1/52 he kept that footage for his video :p
  13. Yeah maybe. Thanks for being helpful anyway.. :)
  14. My theory is that the video cuts and he asks the guy to do something with his card. He has him write it down, tell it to someone else, or he takes a guess and has an out if he gets it wrong (invisible deck in the back pocket, or Kolassal Killer).

    I think it's likely Kolassal Killer and he gets lucky (it's possible that he's doing something else to increases odds as well). This is the exact presentation that Nick Locapo teaches on the olossal Killer download at Penguin Magic. I've been lucky enough to correctly guess thoughts in the past and catch it on video, I wouldn't be surprised if this is what happened with Chris Ramsay here.

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