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  1. I have been working on the Hindu Shuffle (learning it from Royal Road) and I have encountered an issue. Okay so I will hold the pack between my thumb on the left side and my middle finger and ring finger on the right side (the book doesn't say to use the ring finger but I find it gives more stability). So I will come in with my left hand and grab the sides with my thumb on one side and my middle finger on the other. The issue I have is when I pull back, I will grab the packet and drop it into my left hand but in my right hand sometimes an extra card comes along about half way. So I am left like this I have one small packet in my left hand, the rest of the cards in my right hand but the top card in my right hand is out jogged about half way. This only happens sometimes and not always on the first cut(is that the right word?) is there any way to avoid this issue? Sometimes when I go to grab the next packet the out jogged card will turn upside down so it not only looks sloppy but messes up the entire shuffle.
  2. I'd prefer "strip off" to "cut." Just practice. IMO, this is actually a much easier shuffle to get down than the OH shuffle. In fact, I never had to "get it down." I've been using it since childhood long before I learned it had a name. As a consequence, my Hindu Shuffle is better than my OH shuffle!
  3. This is the answer I expected but didn't want :) What kind of amazing person teaches a child a Hindu Shuffle?
  4. If the deck is old, it may stick a little when you pull the packets away from each other. So make sure the deck you use is clean and slick.

    Try to lift up with the left fingers before you pull the cards off. Make sure the small packets are completely clear of each other before you separate them, like I show in the picture I've attached.

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  5. Thank you very much, I will try that.

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