Hofzzy Osbourne

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by royalflush, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Hi, I love dan and dave's hofzzy osbourne trick but the only part i find difficult is the force. I dont seem to be able to make the top card the only one the spectator can see. I love this trick but cant perform it because of this. Any tips on the speed of the riffle and the pull on the top card would be great. Thanks.
  2. Just practice man, and get a mirror, that should help, but u can always use another force.
  3. Practsie, practise, practise....
  4. well the force is not that difficult man.. =D. My advice to you is try to tilt the deck like if it were on a table. what i mean is hold the deck completely flat.On the riffle . while you have the deck flat, just gently pass your fingers through the deck. dont "pull on the cards". when you get to the card you pull it a little. this will make the card visible and the only one they can actually see.
    another tip on the "card" you may as well outjogge it sleightly with your thumb. about half an inch. this will as well make it easier.

    Hope this helps man ! practice as well helps !! =D =P
  5. you can always use another foce until you get it down right
  6. you could try holding a break for the force
  7. Agreed. Hold a break and then do a sidesteal or another control.

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