Holiday Wheel 2015 is live!

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  1. Not really, I got 20 spins while spending less than $30. You just have to decide how you want to stretch out your money. The cheapest item on theory11 is $0.99. By this logic, anyone who can afford one or two Union Ironside Editions would be able to spin the wheel 150-300 times! ($150 cost /$0.99 per spin = 150 spins) That's why it would be horribly unfair if the system was based on dollars spent.
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  2. I learned this the hard way last year. LOL
  3. Maybe $.99 is too low. Maybe $5 per spin would be more realistic. Also, the wheel is not charity. It's a bonus for when you buy things. If you want to spend more, then you should get rewarded for it.
  4. Having it based on a dollar amount may be unfair. I just don't think buying Union Ironside Edition and something on the wire for $.99 should award the exact same number of spins.
  5. How long will the holiday wheel be gone
  6. In my opinion, you're looking at this wrong. It is a bonus, but you treat it like it is a product itself. The point is not to buy wheelspins with products on the side, it's to buy products and as an added gift you recieve a free wheelspin with every purchase. Knowing this, I save the cheap stuff I plan to buy for this time of year and take advantage of both the product and the added bonus.
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