Holiday Wheel Grand Total

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Furrukh, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. So with just a few hrs left. What was your grand total for this year and if you won anything else too?. Mine was 1300 points
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  2. This is my first time with the Holiday Wheel. I certainly look forward to it’s return next year!

    1600 Elite points was my haul, which I’m pretty happy with.
    I’d have loved to have gotten my hands on the Gold Artisans or the Derren Brown signed deck, so to those who won them, massive congratulations!
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  3. My grand total was 4450, however if I subtract spins from purchases I got around 1500. My best prize throughout the month was 500 points. Thank you theory11 for such an awesome wheel, rapidly boosting me to elite membership. Plus I got a lot of sick cards and marketplace magic to practice!
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  4. 1050 Total Points on the Wheel this year!!
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  5. 450 points and a deck!
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  6. What deck??!??! That’s so cool that you got a physical prize!
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  7. 500 points and a deck of Brown Wynn's.

    'Twas a good year for the wheel and I.
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  8. 2000pts this year!
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  9. I got like 800 points and a Gold Rarebit deck.
  10. I got around 1050 points and a Monarch Uncut Sheet!
    Happy New Years!!!
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  11. I got 550 this year :)
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  12. A signed NPH! Like 5 years of spins and I finally got a physical one!
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