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  1. when will the holiday wheel start up again?
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  2. Each year we have to the same conversation here in the forums about if Theory11 is going to do the wheel this year or not ... it’s not guaranteed that they will, and if they did, it does not have a fixed date.

    Each year is different but it’s probably in the first week of December.

    Personally, I wish they do something new and different this year, we are kinda used to the wheel at this point.
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  3. Last year was my first year with the Holiday Wheel. I personally loved it. My little girl got involved reminding me it was time to spin lol
    Now all I won was points, however I used those points to get a wristband and a download.
    It added some extra excitement to the Holiday season. Knowing I could win a rare deck of cards without spending $50 to $100 minimum order. Yes I'm cheap.. three kids, two dogs, a cat, two guinea pigs and a lizard will do that lol
    Anyways, I loved the wheel, it was a blast.
    Did I also mention I'm easily entertained??
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    Our holiday shenanigans will be starting up sometime soon. Black Friday's madness happens first, and then we will have more surprises for you all in the coming weeks.

    // L

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