Hong Kong?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LuseifHo, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Just wondering
    who here is from HK?
    I only know 2 and was wondering if there are more.
    and if you are then you prolly understand what I say next
    "dllm HAH!" jkjk
  2. I'm from Hong Kong.

    dllm sei pk :p
  3. I'm from HK.

  4. sweetas
    GO HK!
    just as an extra question. How old you guys?
  5. HOw old are you sciffydof?
    and were you at the dnd lecture? Iwas
  6. beatiful place. enjoy your time^^
  7. Im 15
    I did go to the lecture
    most of the stuff was in the trilogy though
  8. What school do you go to sciffydof?
  9. CIS...
  10. CDNIS. I think I saw you at the D&D lecture. You were either the guy in the black shirt that said "abnormal human research center" or the guy with the gangsta kind of clothing. I was the guy with two kids two kids on my right ( my brother and my friend from school ) and my dad on the left.
  11. Haha I remember you. That was a horrifying 'Vertigo' one of you guys did before the lecture started. Work on it.

    I was the one in the black coat, white tee and jeans with my clumpy blue aladdins.
  12. I don't remember either of us doing Vertigo, and I didn't know how to do Vertigo properly that time. BTW I didn't see you guys flourishing during the lecture so you just do magic? If you do, can you guys send me a video? Thanks
  13. Im the abnormal person
    so you were that kid? din know. Youre pretty young arent you.
    I got kinda pissed as most of the stuff they taught I could alrdy do: vertigo, hacky, werm, controls, etc.
    But loved the new stuff: The flirt, Dr. Daleys Variation, etc.
    And sean: I do flourish a bit but im not one of those over flourishers. Im more into magic as its more "RUN AWAY HES THE DEVIL!!!" kinda things. and you can see my stuff on youtube. my channel is called subtleteyes. My earlier material was pretty bad but you can obviously see my improvement.
  14. Is there any good place where magic meets flourishes in HK? I plan to go there next as what you've seen (if you seen) in my trip to KL & SG, I plan to document the place & the people in HK.. Magicians, flourishers, magic shop, hotspots, bars, girls etc. This time, it'll be a better edit.. Anyone interested?
  15. hm...
    most of us are underaged.
    and people hardly jam in HK
    we might meet outside magic shops and what not but not rly just a meeting to jam.

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