Hot apartment and card collection concerns


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May 28, 2008
I just moved into a new apartment in an old 1930s duplex, neat building but no central air. I have a couple of window units that work great, but during the day when I'm gone, it gets pretty hot in there.

My card collection is in a few shoe boxes in the closet, in no way near direct sunlight. I noticed the other day that the deck I'm currently using is getting clumpy pretty quickly, so I went through some of my rare, collectible decks to check their condition. Here's what I found:

The decks I checked look and feel fine. They don't appear to be warped, and handle well, BUT...when I fan them, they fan "clumpily," for lack of a better term. I don't have a huge collection of rare cards, but I'm worried about this. I could just be paranoid, but I've rarely handled my Jaqs Cellars, for example, and they aren't fanning well.

Does anyone else have a sinilar problem, or any insight to offer?
Apr 17, 2013
If it is a humidity problem I would look at some of the things we use for aoucstic guitars to control the humidity in the winter and summer months. I keep my cards in the same room as my acoustic guitars here in Houston and do not have problems.
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