How about some Purple Monarchs?

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  1. Guys how about seeing some Royal Purple Monarchs? I mean I have no problems with any of the other Monarchs. NONE. But whats more of a royal color than Royal Purple? I mean Monarchs whole idea is cards fit for royalty. So that color seems very fitting. I'm almost 100% positive that this color has already been thought of and there are probably forums about this that I haven't seen. I just think that purple with this new paper that the Medallions and Red Monarchs uses for the boxes would be the best deck for the Monarchs series.
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  2. And i think thats a really good idea :D
  3. Id buy that.
  4. id buy a brick
  5. i think that the next monarchs should be black with gold i think that would look good
  6. Let's leave the Monarchs at a three deck series, anything else would be excessive.
  7. Do we really need another Monarch deck? Is four different colorways not enough? Monarchs are great, but I feel like it's time to move on.
  8. Your about 5 years too early
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  9. I bought that. :D
  10. That person should be sent a deck of the new purple ones!
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