How much money have you spent on magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Loki, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Yep.. So little money-bosses. Speak ;D.

    I have about .. 240$. 2499 EEK in my currancy.
  2. I'm going to keep this short and sweet because it should suffice for a reasonable answer.

    "A lot more than I should have." Hah.

    Shane K.
  3. I don't even want to add it up. I'll get real depressed.
  4. I think all of us will reply way too much money. Although a good number of it was spent on good stuff. A good number of it was also spent on crappy stuff as welll......
  5. I am a dedicated performer, i spend money on supplies then make my own effects up. If i ever need too find out a move or a concept i just buy a dvd. About half of all the money i have ever made has been focused on magic
  6. So true. I have stuff that will just collect dust.
  7. More than I care to admit to spending and certainly more than my wife thinks I spent.....

  8. I'm a cheap person and have been doing magic for around a year and a half now and have spent about 200$.
  9. more than $3000 this year, some good stuff and some very bad stuff, but theory11 change everything you know everything from t11 is very good material. I pretty much recover all the money since i work in a bar doing magic.
  10. Too much.

    'Nuff said.
  11. Too much :(
  12. Last time I added up, about $500. I think it may a bit more. I used to just buy stuff that I thought looked cool, and spend my money as soon as I got it on some pretty worthless stuff, but I'm over that now.
  13. Well, if you're talking about books...then too much

    If you're counting DVD's...too much

    Close-up stuff....too much

    Stage stuff....even more of a too much

    And if you're counting sound equipment...too much still.

    Just to give you an idea....around 100 books including Greater Magic (2nd edition) and Dai Vernon's Revelations, 50-60 DVDs including a crud-load by L&L (which we all know charges an arm and a leg), enough stage stuff to fill 5 good sized boxes and some shelves, and enough close-up equipment to do the same, and also around 150 decks of cards and counting.

    I'd kill myself if I ever knew the real amount I spent though...:eek:

    ~David Rysin
  14. I totally agree. I have developed a spending problem since going to magic camp this summer. I'm assuming that since January I've spent about $700-$800. That's being generous. I was just starting to become a magic freak. I bought a lot of crap and a lot of awesome stuff. But thats what happens in life. Keep in mind I'm a teenager, no job. Just a hell'uva long times worth of allowance and working for my dad (if that's consisederd a job if he hasn't had the money to pay me in about 6 months.).......
  15. I don't really like to discuss my financial expenses...

  16. lets just put it this way.......................
  17. lets just to put it this way, im gona get a tattoo that reveals your card in such a way.
  18. I've probally spent about 1000 bucks or so

    Damn... im deppresed
  19. as said by some really smart guy, a poor man can't afford cheap (although I am not that poor, not rich either, but I got cheapness and care for money from my parents) so I only bought really expensive stuff, so far and partly because I only started to buy a little while ago (befor I just learned from free magic websites)so I only bought Trilogy, Expert CArd Technique, and T & R Project, and some cards of course!
  20. When I first started magic, a magician told me: "Magic is an expensive hobby and profession."

    I think that sums up everyones' thoughts.


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