How to deal with hecklers

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  1. If you don't know or are just curious about how to deal with hecklers, feel free to check out my blog post about it.

    If you disagree with something, or if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know.

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  2. I've written about my ideas regarding hecklers several times already, so I'll just sum up quickly:

    Hecklers are created by the performer in almost all cases (in my opinion). Giving them attention only confirms that this is what the show is supposed to be. If you are too rough in your attempts to "come back" at them, the audience will turn against you. Never punch down.

    But the root of it is this: If someone is interrupting your show, it's because doing that is more interesting or satisfying or fun to them, than enjoying the show.

    If the show is consistently engaging and fun, no one will even think of heckling.
  3. I'm a street performer, no matter how good you are you'll get a heckler on the streets.
    especially at 11pm
  4. I come from a background of improv and stage performance. I also did a lot of stuff with several companies that used a group I was in for street marketing via performances. Hecklers exist no matter how funny or interesting you are. My favorite way to deal with them is to give them the stage. I don't yell or hate on them I just give them their 15 seconds of fame, 9 times out of 10 they were not ready for it and freeze or look dumb and back down. That 10th time though is what I live for. If you are a performer you have to be able to handle your show being thrown off and recover. Great article Jordy
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  5. I second @Justinquill. Let them have their fun. I deal with at least one (or more) in most of my shows/street performances. It's best to let them make their comment or joke, and more than likely people will laugh and you can just move on. I find it an interesting spot nonetheless, because it sometimes gives me a small window of opportunity to d0 moves (i.e. Passes, Controls) that would be easier without the audiences full attention. But either way, just have fun, that's all that matters, right?

    -Will Thompson
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  6. My thoughts on hecklers in the video above! Here is a short list of what I think works well dealing with them:
    -Do not create hecklers
    -Ignore them
    -Get them involved/make them the star
    -Ask them politely to stop
    -threaten to stop the show
    -destroy them at their own game.

    I go into details on these things in the video. Some work better than others depending on your personality or the situation. I am pleased to say that rarely do i ever get a heckler. I have learned how to control a crowd, establish i am the performer and they are the audience, and be very kind and engaging so they want to see me succeed. Thats all you really need!

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