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  1. Ok, I've been doing cardistry more than a year now and I lose interest it in. Back then, I used to practice around 4 hours a day in the weekdays and 6 or more hours at the weekends. Presently, I only practice 1 or 2 hours at night, but I don't really feel like picking up a deck of cards.

    I also don't have friends who does cardistry and they're not interested in it either. But there's a small cardistry community in my place but I decided not to join because they're really bad cardists, I don't mean to be proud, but really.

    The only thing that probably keeps me going on to at least practice a little bit is probably the fact that there's not a lot of cardists out there in the world, so it's like a really unique artform, and not a lot knows about it. I still love cardistry, the art form itself and the community, but I can't seem to get excited about it anymore.

    Anyone had probably faced the same thing before with their hobby? I need help because I'm not willing to give up this art. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean , except I don't do cardistry. I find that I used to practice too much, then not enough, now it's just about right. I get up in the morning and practice with my cards usually Up The Ladder Cuts, Bottom Deal, Classic Pass etc. then a little in the afternoon, and maybe sometimes at night. Then I read a little bit on the subject, become inspired and practice some more. I like to think that there is so much to learn that I can keep learning about card magic and keep practicing and never get bored. If you get bored of it too quickly it's either you have no interest in the subject or too much interest where it become almost boring. Either way you should find the right amount of time to practice. Hope this helps.
  3. Sometimes I just get sick of magic. After a ton of practice and stuff, I would get frustrated. Other times, I just don't want to perform after doing a ton of performances.

    I think it is perfectly fine if you just kin of leave it be for a bit. Put your cards down and don't bother practicing. It might take a couple days, or even a couple weeks, but eventually, you'll just want to pick up a deck and do stuff. If you make it feel like a job, it will end up feeling like a job.

    You may also want to try just casual "practice". Just grab a deck and do stuff in between Halo matches (or any load screen on a game), or while talking to friends, watching tv/YouTube/Netflix, etc. Just do it without paying attention to it. There is no one saying you need to sit down and practice consistently without doing anything else.

    You can also try and do something you have never done before. For example, you do cardistry but have you ever experimented with coin flourishing?

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