how to start ring and coin magic

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  1. i have decided to branch out from my usual and try something different.
    so i decided i would like to do some ring effects and coin magic.
    i realy like a lot of the effects, where do you think i should start ?
  2. For coin magic look into Modern Coin Magic by J.B. Bobo and maybe pick up some grifters to practice along with. You can also use Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic and Tarbell to find some good coin sleights as well. Once you have a good foundation maybe look into David Roth's Expert Coin Magic.

    For ring magic I recommend Divorce by Justin Miller, Reflex by Patrick Kun, and Ring Thing by Garrett Thomas. Those effects are done with an ungimmicked ring and so you can do them impromptu. I wouldn't recommend gimmicked rings unless there is a particular effect you are wanting to achieve.
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  3. I agree with Jason. Great recommendations! Keep in mind, a lot of what you do with coins can be done with rings since they are similar in size and shape. I live doing magic with a ring because it is something I always have on me.
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  4. I usually recomend, if you're a complete beginner in coin magic, to start with Dvds and once you get the basic techniques, moves, terminology and understand it then move up to books. I believe the visual aid helps in the long run to getting the most out of books (which is where the good stuff is at) especially when it comes to coin magic... You could check out Eric Jones Metal series, David Roths Expert coin magic made easy or Michael Ammars introduction to coin magic all great sources
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  5. For coin magic, I would recommend the book "Modern Coin Magic" by J.B. Bobo, Magic Makers "Modern Coin Magic" DVD, or Jay Sankey's "Crash Course In Coin Magic".
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