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  1. Hey guys,
    really surprised I haven't seen a thread about this yet (or at least not that I've seen).
    I live on Long Island, New York and in my area there is a new Hp commercial about their new tablet/laptop product.
    Guess who's the main actor/star for the commercial? Yup you guessed it based off the title haha: Dan White

    The commercial itself is very elegant, beautiful and not to mention Dan's performance throughout it is just incredible.
    Just goes to show you that you can bring magic into everyday life. There is no limit when it comes to creating ideas, products etc. As long as you have an inspiration such as magic, anything is possible.

    Be on the lookout for it!
    Sean Whelan
    3D Artist
  2. The commercial is quite old, i mean its been out for a while and if you just watched it, its ok. You should watch exposé every friday and you would know a lot of magic stuffs related.
  3. The commercial isn't that old. That product only released a few weeks ago.
  4. If you look in the media section and expose you would have seen the commercial it's a great commercial I don't know but I think Theory11 wants you to take pics of the commercial and tag them with #Theory11 on instagram so do that next time you see it :)

    And it is a very cool commercial :)

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