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  1. ok, so i have started learning hypnosis... i have just being trying the very first steps and it just wont work at all.... baring in mind i have only tried this with my family, i started today and know that i will not get it right, right off the ball. does it make any difference wether you do it with a family member or with a complete stranger.

    it states on the tape to make sure that the spectators know that you have been doing this for years, even if yo have not. i could not do this obviously because they are my family and know that i have never done it before....

    i start off with a simple eye lock *place your finger on your forehead and imagine you looking streight through your skull with your eyes* or something along the lines of that. this works perfectly and the eyes stay shut, but when it comes to the induction using a handshake method it just did not work, my mum stated she felt 'abit drowsy and bobby' so there is a start i presume, could i be doing something wrong. thanks
  2. You've kind of answered your own question there Aaron. Your family obviously know you haven't been hypnotising people for years, your friends included. You're asking why its not working, there's your answer.

    You have to try it on strangers I'm afraid, and make sure they believe you know what you're doing. It sounds like your Mum was humouring you to be honest. Do you do much magic for people? Find someone who is very suggestible and try a few things. I'm afraid hypnosis is not something you can practice on friends or family like a card trick.

    Full marks for flying right in there and doing it, but pick another subject. What are you using to learn? Books? DVDs?
  3. I started to learn it from The Manchurian Approach.
    It's really good.
    I started to practice with my brother but he just started to laugh. :D
    I think it's important that you do it with a stranger or with your family.
    If you can hypnotise somebody please write me a pm. :D :)
  4. Hypnosis is very easy if you believe in yourself. Family members are a lot harder as they know you from when you were not a hypnotist, so they can convince themselves it wont work.

    First thing make sure you know the laws and loop holes, in england it is very easy to get around the laws. Also make sure you know how to deal with Abbreactions, as WHEN this happens which it probably will do at some time, especially if you are doing therapy, it will freak you out but it will scare everyone so be very careful with them.

    Strangers are the best to do, you have to remember it wont work with everyone but you should be able to get nearly everyone into a trance like state. im quite lucky as i get to practice at my local pub, the second it got out i was a hypnotist i get requests to hypnotise people, this also makes it easier as they have asked to be hypnotised and so they convince themselves that it will work, in turn they hypnotise themselves. Dont hypnotise drunk people, i had someone lie to me last night, stating they were sober, i tried it with her then relised she was drunk knocked her back out and did it on a barman (who became spiderman for the rest of the evening).

    A couple tips that help to impactand kick start hypnosis that i find helps...

    "take a deep breath in through your nose, hold it 3 seconds, 3,2,1 and out through your mouth"

    do this a couple times as all you are doing are getting them to hyperventilate and become slightly light headed, this becomes a convincer that it is working and helps to bring them down in to the initial trance.

    make sure you are VERY charismatic and charming, the more confident you sound the better they will respond to you.

    Use terms that although doesnt make much sense, the subject would still try to follow. such as ... "the deeper you go, the better you feel, the better you feel, the deeper you go." this is a very good line to use as it is also a loop suggestion and so would in theory keep them going down further.

    My basic form of hypnotising for you to use as an example goes...

    "hands on your kneees, feet flat on the floor. hypnosis is very natural, it like you just take a nap on a sunday afternoon.(this is getting them to accept it in advance). ok, take a deep breath in through your nose hold it 3,2,1 and out through your mouth. i want you to concentrate on my hand (i use my hand as a focus point above their heads to get their eyes to become heavy and used to the sleep position). as you concentrate on my hand and listen to my voice i want you to block everything else out, nothing else matters, its just my hand and my voice, every other noise you hear is just another sign to relax more and more, as you sit their and as you concentrate on my hand you feel your eyes starting to become very heavy and you stop blinking and just stare, stare at my hand. i want you to imagine you are at the top of a beautiful stair case. you can see 10 steps going down and each step will take you further and further into a deep deep sleep. i will count you down the each step and when you get to 1 you will shut your eyes and drift off to a beautiful sleep. 10,9,8 your eyes very heavy now 7,6,5 the deeper you go the better you feel, the better you feel the deeper you go. 4,3,2 almost there and 1 sleep(move your hand from above thier head down past thier eyes and towards their lap, this is a non verbal suggestion to sleep and at this point they will just shut thier eyes.)

    now obviously i have been going on a fair bit so i will try to keep this next bit short. do some deeping while they have thier eyes shut, do a few tests like arms have become lead pipes and eyes glued shut, everytime you release the command do so by saying it will force you down deeper.

    if you want a detailed description of my deepening trances and how i do my tests, wake them up with post hypnotic suggestions or anything just ask

    hope there is something in here that can help you out but remember to study Abbreactions and laws etc.

    Cheers Marcus
  5. Marcus gave some great points.
    Get some reference materials and make notes like crazy. Every detail that NEEDS to be done write it up translate if needed try out by yourself on an imaginary person and just believe in yourself.

  6. thank you all far the great answers ! ...i perform magic for people all the time in college and strangers walking around college i also do some restorant work.... i shall take all of this into considerating and love the time you spent into helping me with this !. i shall most dofanatly get out there and start trying these methods you have told me, i am using DVD's at the moment because i find it very dificult to study from books. thanks again for the help guys and shall try and post a video soon :D
  7. If you have the manchurian approach you can PM me with some questions.
    Whatever the DVD take notes. They will be a vital part if you need to reference something and don´t have your DVD´s with you.

  8. thanks i will PM you when and if i get that but i do not own it :/ thanks alot ! :)
  9. Sounds like you have The Trilby Connection... Just like everyone said, take notes, and practice your "patter" on imaginary person, and once you know the script without thinking about what to say next, then you will be confident, and then try it on a real person, preferably a stranger.
  10. hi folks..im looking about the topics of Hypnosis recnetly,but im wondering about if a MASTER of hypnosis can they actually hypnosis anyone they want? their family..friends...etc?
  11. yes i have that :), and i shall try this and then go out and hopufully make someone laugh :) (if you understand the reference) :p
  12. I just finished watching The Manchurian Approach a couple of days ago and tried it out on my girlfriend with the confidence that it would work and it did ( I hope) She is usually one of my toughest critics but she seemed to have actually been induced and all that business, but I have tried it since and it hasn't worked on her specifically and I don't understand why that is, I'm still working to get the patter down because I would love to do a full hypnosis performance in the future, the only advice I could possibly give is be confident and almost literally tell them you are a hypnotist and that you are GOING to hypnotize them. I like to use the "set pieces" as a form of hypnosis before I actually induce. Although I have only done this so far to my girlfriend I am excited to try it out in the "real world" also if you do purchase The Manchurian Approach Anthony actually gives you his email address where you can ask questions and what not.

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