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  1. A friend told me to peruse the new themagicplace.com site so I did.
    I saw the section Mindfreak Academy and clicked on it.
    You could choose from the teachers on there, but that wasn't what made me laugh.
    My eyes may be bad, but I'm relatively sure that the Criss Angel they show on that page is a look alike.
    My friend disagrees, which is why I decided to ask you guys. In no way shape or form is this a bashing thread. I just want to know what you think.

    Here: http://www.magicplace.com/mindfreak-academy/
    And here: http://www.magicplace.com/mindfreak-academy/teacher/criss-angel

    It does not look like him at all to me. But I may be wrong.
  2. I think it looks like him, just photoshopped. imo
  3. The face looks a lot slimmer, the cleft chin isn't as bad as it was, etc. I don't know. Haha
  4. I was looking at (I know-how ridiculous I've wasted this much time examining pictures of CA) a couple of pictures, and the line of where his facial hair grows is the same.

    I now need to go do something somewhat productive. lol
  5. Ah well I was probably wrong. Your comment made me laugh
  6. I'm not a Criss Angel fan by any means, but I started magic watching him, so I still do. I've been watching Criss Angel's show for 3 years, and that IS him. Hes wearing alot of makeup, and the lighting in the photo could've distorted his facial features. Why is this even relevant?
  7. It's just an interesting observation. It's not supposed to be that thought-provoking or anything.
  8. If your not a fan then why do you watch his show? I'm pretty sure that if you've been watching this guys show for three years then your obviously a fan of his work

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