I got bored, and made this.

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Bombbob, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. My first ever video, of anything. Never edited any video before...

    Friendly suggestions on how I could improve would be nice :)


    I know some of the things of sloppy :p I've been doing flourishes about 3/4 months now.

  2. I ll be honest. The video is nothing special.
    Flourish, some well done D&D stuff and cool flourish - like the card vanish, except the cheap cam trick vanish :). And music didn't match, bmx stuff didn't make sense there.
    Doing that one hand cut alone, and the rub away vanish in the chair was kinda lame :)
    The End was cool, very original and well done.

    It's training if you're boring, you ll get better with the time
  3. Yea, It wasn't made to be ground breaking. I never intended on sharing it :p But yea, I was just testing things out to see what comes out on a video good, and what doesn't.

    Although, you'll have to explain the 'the cheap cam trick vanish'. What part of the video was this? :s

    And yea, they probably appear lame to magicians. But people who don't know the tricks - they always ask how it's done. The rub away vanish for example...


    EDIT - ohhh, the back palm one? haha, it tricks non-magicians :)
  4. not bad...
    as said, nothing special.
    Keep going where you are. its a fine direction.
    Nice shirt by the way
  5. Thanks :)

    Sadly I'm from the UK, and have never gone to Hong Kong. My brother got it for me when he travelled to Asia.
  6. I think its a great start :)

    Carry on :)
  7. At least you took a chance and let every one see. The only thing I have to fear is rejection that what I do is not good enough. So I praise you for showing us...weather it was good or not. For first one I say keep up the good work and NEVER let any one talk you out of something just because THEY don't like it.

    Wish I could take my own advice...may be some day...may be!
  8. Yea, I totally agree. Putting a video such as mine on a site full of experienced flourisher's is a double edged sword. I'll get slated, but I'll also get people telling me that what I do is a good start; which I'm really grateful for.

    I guess both of the responses cancel themselves out, I'll just have to keep practising - and then maybe one day I'll catch up.

    On the other hand though, I made the video to entertain me. I didn't focus on pulling every flourish perfect - so I know the video isn't a great representation of what I can do at my best.

  9. The point I was trying to make is that you took "that chance". Keep up the good work. I by far am no pro at any level. In fact some times I'm to afraid to show any one any thing I can do. (Even though when I do and I get a good reaction, it makes me feel good to know some one out there likes what I do.)

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