I have a great trick..

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by achmne, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hello
    I have a great trick don't know yet if i will sell it or not but my question for now is :
    My trick could be easily figured out by magicians, so i think they wont purchase it if they knew how its done, or maybe they decide to help and purchase it even if they knew how its done ? lol

    what should i do ? create new moves which is very difficult or it may be impossible for now..

    Thank you
  2. If you honestly feel the the magic community will benefit from it then post it. If you are just trying to post something just to post something i would advise against it. The method itself may be simple, but if it is an original concept and ads some sort of benefit to the purchaser (i.e. some sort of theory or advice behind it?) then go for it.

    Having said that, how long ago did you create this piece of magic? Have you done any research to find out if it is already on the market? Crediting? etc?
  3. I have a great trick too that anyone can do. I am in the works of publishing it, but the quality of the video is very bad. My concept is simple though, but ends up being just another three card monte.

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