I have a major improvement to a gimmick I bought here...

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  1. Hello all!

    Seems like ages since I've been here on the forums, hope everyone is doing well!

    I recently had an epiphany about an improvement to something I purchased here and use a LOT, so I implemented the idea and it made such a major improvement that I'm certain anyone else using this gimmick would like to know how to do it. In fact, it's such an improvement that I wanted to share it with Theory11 and the artist who created the gimmick to maybe implement this idea going forward with the gimmick sales.

    Trouble is, I have no idea what venue to do that in. I've tried calling the main number at various times of the day and ALWAYS get the voice mail. Dropping it here in the forums isn't right.

    Anyhow, I do want share this with the right parties, it's that important and that big of an improvement, and very easy to implement. If nothing else, share it with other owners of the gimmick so they can improve their investment.

    Any ideas as to how I share this info first with T11 or the creator?

  2. PM Blake, Lyle, or Franco and let them know. PM the gimmick developer first is what I would do though. If there are online instructions on how to use it, use that contact info the get in touch with the creator.
  3. Awesome, thanks, great advice and will do!

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