I have been working on a gimmicked deck for a while now. If you are interested in collaberating please shoot me a message asap.

If u want to collab please Do !

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Dec 30, 2021
Hello everyone ! , i've been working on a card effect for a while hope I someone can collab w me , it is when you show a deck of blank cards back and front then print the deck back and front, and then snap your fingers and change the back of the cards from red to yellow, and once more change the backs of the cards from yellow to turquoise. Please! someone collab w me it would mean everything to me! God bless u all. :):) Ps: I really want someone to be kind of enough to collab with me and im only 14, I made tons of gaffs like cards. Please someone can answer my request it would mean the World To Me!.God bless you all and hopefully we can produce a gimmicked deck of cards that can do this trick. Answer me please. have a Wonderful 2022, God bless!


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Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
I don't understand why the trick is necessary. For a lay spectator, the printing of the deck of cards is a very strong effect. Your double kickers with the backs changing color are actually progressively weaker in that you have demonstrated the ability (changing what is on cards) already and, when you get to the second one, you have seen that effect before and it is no longer unexpected.

Also, the multiple kicker endings cloud the clarity of the effect. It is understandable why a magician would want to print a deck (how can you play with blank cards?) but why bother changing the color of the backs? Just to show you can? That reasoning doesn't generate strong magic performances.

I applaud your creativity, but I think it is a bit misguided. Additionally, you are putting a lot of constraints on the method to accomplish the effect. The more complicated the effect, the more complicated the method and the more tradeoffs you have to do to accomplish the effect.
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