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  1. Hello!
    I'm new here. I've been browsing tons of forums for an idea of what to do. I was laid off from my job about 3 month ago. I've been looking for a job since then, but did not even get a single interview. I worked as a web designer for a publishing company for the last 5 years. Looks like forums.theory11.com is an active forum with active members and may be someone has some experience working as a freelance web designer. May be "Product Reviews" category is not the most appropriate for this question, but I want to try anyways to get some opinions before I go ahead with my life. I'm wondering if it is possible in the current economy to find work for a freelance web designer and make enough to pay for rent and groceries. I was able to find a small project on craigslist and I developed a website for a company. It was a small project and took me only a week to complete. I got paid $800 for 1 week of work which is not bad. Please people give me some ideas. I have 2 kids and my wife is out of work as well. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm sorry to hear thats happened to you. I sometimes wish this economy was an ambitious card (every time it goes down, it pops back up) but sadly it isn't. As for looking for a job, there might be several magicians in search for your skill. There a many out their who want to start their own websites. Try talking to different people around the net and you might get some interested people. Sorry if this helps (probably didn't) but I hope you and your family do well in this economy.

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