I totally dropped my ring in someone’s drink! Lol

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by obrienmagic, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Like the title says.... haha enjoy this footage of me totally dropping my ring in someone’s water glass during magic live 2019. Haha funny, no matter how many times you do something, you are bound to mess it up sometime!

  2. The way you went still and just stared at the glass after and dropped your hands speechless was hilarious. Cool thing they were good sports about it. Nice performance by the way, they were still entertained in the end.
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  3. At least it wasn’t THEIR RING! Haha imagine!?
  4. That'd be awful. Even worse if there was no glass and it rolled away...
  5. I am always suuuuuper careful with borrowed rings. I would not have done that move anyway but yeah I am most stressed out when Linking THEIR rings haha
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  6. Have you ever performed to drunk people with the linking rings? Also, I have been learning the linking rings for a year now, and I just can't make the routine better... advice, please? Thank you, Micheal!
  7. I have! It is too fast for them sometimes so I slow it way down and take a lot out of it. The nice thing about ring magic is you can jazz it.
    Mad for specific advice, what would you like to know?
  8. Ha! I absolutely love how casual you were with it. Sometime these mishaps are the funniest moments and everyone there including yourself can't really do much but laugh it off and move on. Love your performance style and persona. Great work and thanks for sharing this.
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