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  1. Well, I got an iTouch for christmas and I never had a reason to get one but family thought it would be cool.

    So I decided the first thing to get would be iForce since I heard such great things and I'm not against using technology for magic, even though many products fail in this category. This product is the best thing I've seen in awhile, not even regarding technology.

    Everything about it works incredibly well, and it is so clever that many users may not even notice the small things I've already picked up on. Quick clue, doodle something like three wavy lines, and hit the undo button. Now use the secret technique and use the undo button. For those who know what I am talking about you realize how clever this is.

    So the official parts of the review.

    Difficulty 3/10

    Very simple, not much to really do except memory. This can be done within a day or two if you really work hard on this. There is slight possibility of mess up, not necessarily the app's fault but you have to get a feel for the technique when using the intermediate or advance presets.

    Method 10/10

    Like I said this is one of the best things I've seen in awhile and it does have the advantage of being on such a technological piece of equipment. However, it makes use of it so well, Mr. Rostami deserves every penny he gets on this product.

    You can even make your own effects with it, and there are is more than one way to actually achieve the effect. There are three ways, the first one being you simply place it face down and flip over the reveal. The second is you exit out of the program and you go to the saved reveal. The last one is a mixture of flipping over the product, then allowing your specs to go to the program.

    If any of that is exposure then I apologize, but anybody who gets the method will certainly buy this when they get the chance.



    Some people put reactions here and I find that utterly pointless as the performer gets the astonishment. Here though I would give a minimum of a 3 if you did this correctly, because it just plays well. This is not a formal piece obviously, but if somebody you don't know is asking about the iTouch you can ask to try it out.

    Overall 9/10

    The only point taken off is the fact it is an app and can't be used well with formal gigs. Other than that you can NOT go wrong with this product, it is so well made I wish other effects could match the level of quality.

    Well done Greg, well done.
  2. Thank you for your thorough review.

    This is the first time that someone has written about the details . . . thank you so much for noticing . . .

    Since we're on the topic of details, here are a few details that'll give you a little chuckle:

    1. Notice how the button for the color of the last brush stroke is selected when you flip over the iPhone. (try this with predictions that have color drawings like "Food").

    2. Undo even works when you open a saved drawing!!! (Try THAT in Photoshop!) . . . as a matter of fact, undo ALWAYS works no matter how the drawing appears on the screen.

    3. Did you notice a "Doodle" App on the App store from "Recreation Software"? We created a fake company just to put up "Doodle" without all of the magic features of iForce. If someone decides to search for "Doodle" on their iPhone, they will find a simple paint program that has NO magic.

    There are many other subtle details about iForce that Randy and I are proud of that we're gonna leave for you to discover.

    I hope iForce brings you many magical moments.

    Merry Christmas,
    Greg Rostami
  3. The review is spot on! I love the app so much, I am discovering new ways to use it every day. I love it, especially because of the ability to add your own "tricks" to it, and how it isn't a manufactured preset all the time. The presets are amazing, but I really like the ability to be able to use my own. For example I thought it would be cool to have spectator play rock paper scissors, and they decided which object they want and if you the magician should win or lose. I am excited about the update, which helped the program soooo much! I was discovered before hand because they looked up doodle and found the real app. Again, Great Job Greg!:D
    And it was a great review!:D
  4. This app is great, I got caught doing it once because I did it over and over again. But it really is a great app.

  5. Does anyone know why only half of my predictions work?

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