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  1. I would enjoy being able to add some flourishes and improve my fanning techniques as part of my routines. I am currently tackling and fumbling through the Five Faces of Sybil and working on springing and dribbling cards. I have the Charlier Cut to the point where I can perform it quickly and smoothly but springing, dribbling and fanning is a hot mess.

    Does anyone know of a channel, book, or other resource to assist with these things? I am not looking to delve too deeply into Cardistry at the moment but it would be great to have a few moves down to help spice up my performances.

    Suggestions for particular techniques would also be greatly appreciated.
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  2. Hi
    If you are having problems with the five faces of Sybil, I would recommend learning the three packet cut first
    Here's a video tutorial

    Then try learning the five faces of Sybil here

    Here's a fanning tutorial

    A dribble tutorial

    As for the spring, theory 11 has a tutorial here on the site

    Hope this helps
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  3. Learn the following. They are not OMG SO DIFFICULT but will still make people tell you that OMG YOU ARE SO AMAZING.
    My thoughts...meh

    And then...this one's actually easier than the Sybil Cut

    I was trash at springing cards as well...but then this happened

    A last one...a little bit knackier but is still kinda beginner level stuff I BELIEVE. Not too easy. Not difficult. Fairly easy, this:-

    Tell you what? Pay attention to the Kalushes Cut. It is dead simple and yet people love it. Dunno why.
    Also, I guess for purposes you mentioned (which is also why I learn cardistry, as a spice) I guess it will be better if you learn a few one-handed cuts before.
    Like the revolutionary cut, the scissor cut, judo flip, etc.
    Then learn a card toss, because that's something people notice, whether they say it or not. Tell me if you are intrested. There's something the layman loves about a magician catching a single thrown card without fumbling. And they double in use as revelations too.
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  4. Thank you for links to these resources, I really appreciate it.

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