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  1. So last week , i started performing for a group of random people in my school and everyday since they ask me to perform for them after school , so now I'm out of tricks, are there are any original effect out there that i could learn, a DVD recommendation would be great.

    Th4nk Y0u
  2. The daniel garca projects have some nice effects on there that people ner get tired of. Also symphony is nice to have because thoe effects hit hard yet are pretty simple...oh try to pick up daniel mdions Advocate. It has many many uses if you play it right.
  3. First of all, I don't think you should perform card magic everyday because for two reasons: it will get in the way of your education and two: people will get tired of seeing the same tricks everyday once you run out of ideas. I'll give you an example, try to set a limit to do card magic for once a week or for every two weeks.

    Here's the following Recommendations if you wish to find more card routines and sleigh of hand.

    -Avenue by Dorian Rhondell
    -Dangerous Mystique by D+M
    -Simply Sydney by Syd Segal
    -Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck
    -Past Midnight by Benjamin Earl

    I highly suggest you to get these following:
    -Royal Road to Card Magic (simple and hits hard)
    -Expert Card Technique
    -The Paper Engine by Aaron Fisher
    -Smooth Operations by Kevin Ho
    -Card Control by Arthur Buckley
    -Expert at Card Table

    I hope all goes out well.
  4. Well, there are plenty of DVD's and books on the market. If you don't mind spending the money, Paul Harris' True Astonishments is amazing, and has a ton of great, hard hitting tricks. If it is too pricey, Art of Asonishment, his books also have many, many great tricks.
  5. I would tell them you are working on some new materials that's quite amazing so you would like to work on those for the time being. It gives you time to work on new materials and also gives you a bit of time off with justified reasons.
  6. I agree with SKSleighofHand, he has given you some sound advice here. I would also say, find a couple of tricks (no more than 3) and practice them in front of a mirror and/or with a video camera until you can perform them behind your back in your sleep. That way you'll make even a simple trick really hard hitting. I learnt the hard way that ten all right tricks, having nothing on one perfectly performed trick!

    Oh and if you haven't all ready, buy Royal Road to Card Magic. It is a great book with loads of cool and easy tricks that don't take long to get to grips with.
  7. It's as easy as saying, "no"

    Saying ,"no" will do two things.

    First of all you want have to do tricks for people at your school. Second of all by taking away these tricks people will want them more. so just keep saying no until you have a new trick.

    i've avoided every math class in which my colleagues bug me to do tricks and I say, "i'm playing crib right now" it's the truth but I think it's a better excuse.
  8. Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck
    Dangerous by Daniel Madison
    Ultragaff by Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin
    Daniel Garcia Project
    Symphony by Daniel Garcia

    Remember, if you do tricks for people you see every day, budget your tricks. Dont do half your tricks in one day. Unless you know a million tricks, do only at most one a day. Let them know this. Also, you can repeat a trick occasionally. But space it out. For example, last year, I did the same trick 5 times for the same people. But i did it once every 2 months. Since there were about 30-45 tricks in between each time, it went unnoticed. People dont remember what trick you did. They remember that you did a trick. I hope this was helpful, and have fun performing.
  9. I've used the same line.. it built such anticipation it was great.. you just have to come back with something pretty strong
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    That's true, but chances are (hopefully) you would've been working on something new or refining something old into something better already.

    On a side note, I also used same trick with different presentation lines/patter, that was more meaningful to the spectator. Something everyone can definitely relate. It was same trick shown twice, but the reaction was better, because it meant more than just a stunt-like trick. (granted, it was a routine with rubber bands, but the principle applied is the same)
  11. A DVD that teaches you how to perform and when will suffice.

    Here, monkey monkey.
  12. Dun do tricks whenever people ask you to >>> keep them WANT and interest :).
    The True Astonishment ftw >> $300 high but worth :D
  13. All these people are suggesting these expensive DVDs with material that may or may not be practical. You should buy Card College. That is pretty much a direct order ;)

    Card College #1 at least. There are SO many tricks on it that you have probably never thought of, and they will fry spectators just as bad as the effects sold for $30 as one trick. Also, buy Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. I don't think I have to even explain how good of a book that is. Especially for $20.

    If you MUST have a DVD :)rolleyes:), then buy In The Trenches with Paul Green.

    I know you will probably end up buying some DVD like Dangerous or Ultragaff or some other advertised product, but if you go with Card College or MWCCIM, you will get the MOST mileage.
  14. Well, Philal, I HEAVILY agree.

    Except for Dangerous. I use EVERY trick on that DVD. EVERY one. lol :D

    But yeah. You also have to pace yourself when performing for students. I used to do the same thing, but it hits even harder when they have to wait for something. :)

    Trust me. It is HARD to make people wait and to say, "Nope, I only do magic 1 day a week" but it keeps people wanting more.

    If they MUST see something, I use a cheap throwaway. At the end of this year, I am planning to release a short manuscript on school magic. It contains all sorts of stuff like that.

    Hope that all helps!

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