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    Hey everyone. Next week I'm going to Tannen's and I'm going to get a few things. What I'm looking for is stuff with an impromptu, improv feel to it. I'm okay with having a few little gimmicks like digital dissolve or a bent coin or a shell but nothing too extensive or something that requires a lot of set up. I want to be able to set it up in a few seconds and maybe able to repeat. I'm going to get a few things and I don't want card magic I already have enough. Say I'm at a party ( that I'm not hired to be a magician at) and someone asks to see a trick. I want to be able to have barely anything on me and still do stuff with money or with a mental feel. I already have Stigmata, Symphony, and Sinful. which are kind of along the lines that I'm looking for. I want somethings that are pretty quick and visual but most of all strong. I have my eye on Shudder and Energy Bill.( I'm also willing to carry one card in my pocket if there is a phsycological force but I enough. would rather just write a prediction down.) d brown, banachek, or Chris Kenner stuff (books) also seems pretty cooll. Any recommendatios or opinions on Shudder, energy bill, or digital dissolve. Or basically any other money or mental impromptu tricks. Matches rings or rubber bands are also okay. For example I could just borrow a few things instead of carrying a deck. It's hard to type and explain what I mean I'm on my iPhone so I'll edit this later when I get to my compUtor.
  2. Great source for Impromptu Magic: Gregory Wilson's ON THE SPOT

    Great Source for Impromptu Mentalism: InnerMind Produtions THE UNEXPECTED

    Great Source for a little of both: Jay Sankey's ANYTIME, ANYWHERE

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