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  1. Hey all

    I am looking for a effective method for controlling several cards (4-10) that spectators have chosen.
    The criteria is that the spectators are holdning the cards and they need to placed into the deck again, but without having to shuffle or cut between each card.
    I realise that a lot of people will think of the cull and I do use it, but I am simply interesting in finding something else to do.
  2. Chad Nelson's svengali control would work. or the standard hindu control
  3. Overhand lift shuffle control, or the hindu lift shuffle, or a bluff pass, all of those accomplish the same purpose
  4. The Elias multiple shift.
    The cull.
  5. Search for the term "Multiple Shift" There are many out there and in books. I personally like the one Aaron Fisher teaches in The Paper Engine.
  6. Cherry control By Ricky Smith

  7. Cherry control for 4 to 10 cards ?
    Doc eason uses a control for about 10 to 20 cards in dvd 1 of his magic bar series
  8. for 4 cards, possible. for 10, I feel like it's pushing it, but can be done.
  9. Yeah it may be a little difficult but with mastery of the move and proper misdirection it's possible. I've honestly used it for upto 7 cards.

  10. Ditto, just make sure to subtly stress out that they don't push the cards all the way in.
  11. Can you elaborate why they must be held, returned, and then controlled? Perhaps having the spectator just peak the card, and then use a side steal, like in Fusilade.

    Or, if you do it more slowly, use a different control each time? Miller Cascade, then a simple pass, dribble force replacement, etc...
  12. It is for a parlour/cabaret routine where several cards are found. The reason for not just letting the spectators peek the cards is because they need to be able to show them around.

    Even though a different control each time would work, I am looking for something that wont draw attention to itself. I've been using the cull, but I am simply looking for a different approach.
  13. You can do a diagonal palm shift with a whole bunch of cards :)
  14. Ricky Jay does a multiple-card-find using peeks instead of real selections. Just show it to several people instead of only one.

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