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Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
I find that it would be in Theory 11's best interest to produce various color versions of their custom decks. As a professional performer, one thing that I want in my show is consistency. I do not want to be showing three or four different backed decks to my audience throughout a single table show, and because of this, I am very limited to the cards I use when I perform.

Because I perform effects such as Chicago Opener, color changing deck, Malone meets Marlo, etc... I am required to use decks of different color, but which have identical faces. Now the Bee Stingers have identical faces to the Cents and Guards (AoSpades and jokers aside), but that leaves a Black / Black situation and I want to avoid that.

I quite like the new faces/ pips/ court cards on the Sentinels, and would love to perform with them, but again, there are no decks that match the faces, thus I will never use them in my close up show (a pity).

As the decks stand now at T11, I feel that the T11 decks will never truly be able to break into the professional set unless some red / blue decks hit the market. Or perhaps with the Sentinels, a goldish colored back Sentinel could work quite well. If those were available, I would definitely opt to use them in my close up show.

But again right now, they will remain a practice deck and I believe that is a hurdle/ wall/ obstacle that T11 has created for itself.


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Nov 18, 2007
This isn't a good argument or criticism. I used to explain in steps why these types of threads are silly, but I'm tired.

eh fine... If I'm posting I might as well explain why it would be illogical for them to do what you are asking (which you asked quite rudely I would like to add).

The cost of producing all these variations of decks wouldn't be earned back (in a fashionable amount of time) since most of the people buying Theory11 Decks probably aren't using them for the same purposes that you use your decks for. Therefore it would be a poor business decision. Maybe over time when their cards are extremely popular they can start making more variations. Until then it probably won't happen.
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Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Re-read the post. I wasn't asking them / requesting them to do anything, thus did not rudely ask for anything. I was pointing out that by simply adding an extra colored version of one of their decks, the likelihood of seeing more and more of the T11 decks in actual performances would increase. As for cost-effectiveness - hmm, maybe there is something that I am missing but, 5,000 of deck X color-black for Y amount, next 5,000 of deck X color-gold (or whatever) for Y amount. And by the way, this is not the first time someone has mentioned the desire for new colors to be introduce. This is however probably the first time someone has added detail as to why, other than just ... "It'd look sick man!".

But, thank you for taking SOOOO much of your valuable time to finish the post you were practically complaining about having to type. I hope you didn't break a finger or have to take a nap from exhaustion.
Aug 4, 2010
But Black and white is waaaaaaaaaay cool and if you buy them you will become a really cool magician and everyone will think you are cool .....

Most of the people who buy T11 decks don't actually use them for performances because essentially they are....the majority are people who ask their father to buy the cards for them...And if you are an adult chances are that you are clever enough to realize that 9$ per deck is not a good investment....I perform with Bicycle and Tally Ho's and so should you...I do own some guardians but I use those to flourish mainly.

tl;dr - T11 will not sell those because they don't look cool enough
(is more expensive for them to cough up the cash to produce another batch)


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Sep 14, 2008
Louisville, OH
I understand your frustration. I would say probably most guys who perform regularly paid gigs including myself, use standard bikes or Tally's. This allows for the gaffs, different back colors, etc. I do not believe there would be much of a market for the different colored backs in custom decks although the select few people who would use them, would undoubtedly love them. If you go to a magic convention and look around, everyone still uses bikes and some of them are now switching over to the Phoenix and Mandolins which already have many of the necessary gaffs and different colored backs.
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