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  1. Hey All!

    So I created a routine that involves the spectator thinking of an insect (It's usually like caterpillar, butterfly, ladybug etc.) and then I hand the spectator a small piece of paper and then the paper magically transforms into an origami version of the thought of insect. So far that routine works and gets insane reactions and this routine has been in development for the past 4 months, however, I want to be able to produce a live insect of that which they name.

    Essentially what I'm asking is if anyone knows of any books or published material that can aid me in creating methods of producing live insects, I've seen live butterflies being produced in the past but I've yet to come across any published work on that.

    Thank you in advance! :)
  2. Well. I don't know any effect that produces live insects, but maybe this will get some ideas going.

    Look up Tenyo: Magic Butterfly.
  3. Yeah came across that when I did research for my effect, it wouldn't work in the context of what I need but thank you very much for your suggestion. :)
  4. Paul Vigil Released Ladybug through Paul Harris Presents.

    Nate Leipzig used to tear a piece of paper to look like a butterfly and it would turn into a paper white butterfly. It sounds like a miracle and is written up in Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig but the explanation in that volume lacks a lot of the right details to actually perform the effect.
  5. Thanks man I'll check it out, though I haven't really seen an effect performed like mine as of yet, so far I've come across Life by Daniel Garcia which focuses more on animating the butterfly and less on it being what they thought of.
  6. There have been a handful of guys produce a variety of insects by way of Thumb Tips, Sonata Gimmicks, etc. but most such work, especially with a larger bug, involve a secret steal be it a body load or convenient servante.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I would 100% use the mentioned methods my only concern is that, due to the nature of the effect, very fragile and aesthetically pleasing insects are named therefore I fear accidentally killing them inside a thumb tip or body load. I've yet to finalize but I really appreciate your response. :)
  8. There is a piece in Art of Astonishment where you produce a live moth with a piece of origami. That's as much of a bread crumb trail as I will leave you.
  9. Thanks mate! I will definitely look into it! :)

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