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  1. Which do YOU prefer with your purchase of magic and WHY?

    For example, you might like instant downloads because it's easier to store everything in one place thus taking your magic everywhere with you. You may like DVDs better because you look forward to receiving something in the mail or enjoy looking at your magic collection at home. Maybe both, some effects are DVD only however instant downloads most definitely outweigh DVD effects any day.

    I'd love to see some of your guys' opinions and perspectives.

  2. i like DVDs because you can look at your collection and decide what to watch
  3. DVD having menus to navigate thru the dvd is a convenience.
  4. Download: No duty fee, no shipping time and it's more convenient than a DVD. But, some trick have gimmick and you can't "download" gimmick :).
  5. I prefer downloads: Shipping to foreign countries is expensive, almost inmediate access, You can transfer to a DVD and watch it on TV too, you can have it in multiple places at the same time (I have most of my downloads in my Mac, Windows and PS3), you can easily carry multiple tricks in a hard drive...

    Anyways, I like DVDs too, but just for the very special stuff (for me, Daniel Garcia Project and Lennart Green Masterfile) and gimmicks...
  6. I don't really care. Some of the DVDs I like more I save to my computer, but if I can get a downloadable version with it for a few extra bucks that doesn't degrade the quality, I will.
  7. DVD's you can sell back and watch on your TV.
    Downloads are there to stay and are at your convenience on your computer.

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