Inversion card trick

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dan1elJoyce, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Just looking for a bit of feedback, let me know what you think. (sorry not a great video)

  2. Well it looks extremely clean, and very nice. Obviously has better applications though.
  3. That looks super clean! Where can I purchase that effect?
  4. Thanks Josh, it' my own move so its not available to purchase
  5. Clever. Is there a reason the sound is muted for most of it?
  6. No, just bad/super out of sync audio from my laptop
  7. That is impressively out of sync. Well, I like it. I'd be interested to see something more developed around it. It would fit in pretty well with Greg Wilson's Revolver.
  8. Do you have a video where we can see the build up to that? Without seeing how it needs to be structured to get into that (ie how the get ready looks in performance etc) I can't really say anything.
  9. Heres a better prefromance video (Again sorry for the webcam quality).

  10. Well that looks a lot smoother and cleaner than I thought it would haha. Great job.
  11. Cheers, much appreciated.
  12. I agree, its very nice. However Im still going to question your presentation, if it was the same card the second time, then you would just pull it out and show it. The move makes a better colour change.

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