Invisible Palm?

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  1. Were can I find the teachings on this? pleasurably Penguinmagic....
    but if that is not possble anything else is fine

    well actuly It would be cool if theory11 sells it but thay dont so penguin is my next choice
  2. Hmm...

    I think there is a good routine with The Invisible Palm in Chris Kenners Totally Out of Control, but I am not sure. :confused: which can be purchased from Penguin btw... (TOOC can be...)
  3. I dont think there is an IP routine on TOOC, I'm sure you can get it on Paul Harris Art of Astonishment Vol. 2. if I'm not mistaken..
  4. so there is no DVD with only IP?
  5. Travelers is in TOOC and I use it frequently, Larry Jennings has it in his books, under the name Open Travelers. (As he is the creator i believe) and The Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm is in Art of Astonishment volume 2.
    Hope I Helped,

    Edit: IF you want Video, Matian A. Nash has a routine in his DVD Very Best of Martin Nash Volume 1.
  6. Bill malone teaches a version of it in On the Loose volume 4. He calls it "How Cheaters Cheat".

  7. ho I love that routine!!!!!
    Thanks man!!!
  8. it is on youtube but i dont know where

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