Invisible Thread

hey guys i am thinking about buying invisible thread or gain telekinesis. unfortunely i cant gain telekinesis so well settle for invisble string
does anyone know a good quality invisible string the is strong and very hard to see even in harrsh lighting or can someone please tell me how to gain telekinesis
I have been doing thread magic for 4 years, I have never seen an invisible thread that work in harsh lighting. But I would recommend that you buy wool thread, tit can be found in fabric stores and it work every well. I have been using this thread over the years, they never fail me.
May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
1. Jump into a vat of nuclear waste. That might work.
2. Have sex with Jean Grey that might work... prolly not though.

For IT, I usually use elastics.
The elastic I recommend is Silk Worm the Clear one. As none of the places I perform are 100% black, and mostly at white/ beige, I use the clear one. Its a lot mroe invisible than the Mesika Elastics and I think its the same strength. You also get more.

For normal thread, you can just buy the Infinity Thread which is a three ply thread which you then split.

Or you can just buy wool thread and split it some more.

I go with the Jean Grey thing...
Sep 2, 2007
David Mann's Silk worm was an AMAZING IET. It was perfect. It had a increase of size up to 100% and it never snapped it seemed.

I don't know if you will be able to get a hold of it anywhere. Worth looking into. It came in 2 tones, black or white, one matt finish or clear.

I have worked with a lot of thread too, so this is my favorite. I use it for Levitations though and SLIGHT Pk effects.

I have heard good things about Yigal Mesika's Thread too.

Really, the only way to learn is it try it out and Learn what feels right for you. Some people hate IET because of the "give" in tension. Others hate IT because of the tight weak feeling.

Best of luck.
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