Is Bullet better than Factory Sealed?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by magicianforever1993, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. This is a question that has been bothering me. I like the idea of the impromptu coin through bottle but the sure force of factory sealed's efect is amaising that it may make up for not being impromptu. Realy what I am asking is what I should get for cristmas. Also is factory sealed completely examineable?
  2. I would go with Factory Sealed because the impromptu version of bullet really isn't taught in the detail it should be but it's your call on that one.
  3. for me factory sealed is much better than bullet. i like FS because it gives the spectator the idea of being able to do something with a bottle not yet opened, examinable.. fooling everyone's view of reality.. set up is easy and the way justin explained every detail you need to know for the presentation is exceptional. the only thing that you should work on with FS are the angles.. don't limit yourself.. keep experimenting on how you will present it... TIP: use your other hand waving at the bottle when presenting the "factory sealed" bottle with much crowd.. get the dvd.. you'll know what i mean..
  4. I prefer Factory Sealed. The slow melting of the coin through the plastic is beautiful to say the least, and having a 'sealed bottle' gives the performance another layer of impossibility. I think that Factory Sealed, as it's taught, combined with a variation that allows the spectator to open the bottle, makes for a very powerful effect.

    Nick Verna is one hell of a creative guy. It's a nice effect.
  5. I like bullet cause its impromptu
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    I really preffer factory sealed over bullet, even though bullet is impromptu. Just compare them. With bullet, you get a lighting fast penetration into a borrowed and emptied bottle. With factory sealed, you show a factory sealed bottle. You borrow a coin, and you slowly melt their coin into this bottle of water. With factory sealed, it is possible to do this impromptu with a borrowed bottle, though they do not teach that on the DVD. You will have to figure out how to do it, by tweaking the effect.
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    I would be very interested in the variation that allows the spectator to open the bottle. I have worked FS into my show and the response is always phenomenal. I am not comfortable handing the unopened bottle to a spectator though. Quite often I have to take it back in a rushed manner because I can see the person sizing up the seal and possibly twist the top to check it out

    BTW - I often perform Bullet first and use FS to "up the ante" a bit stating: "Naturally when I perform (Bullet) people want to examine the bottle, believing that there is some kind of trick or gimmick to it, so I thought - fair enough - this time we'll pass the coin into a bottle that employs a device accepted around the world as proof beyond reproach that it has not been previously opened or tampered with in any way - A Factory Seal".
  8. It does depend on what your usual performing environment is, and what suits your style. If you don't often have access to sealed bottles, then Bullet might be your thing; for an empty bottle penetration, I believe that Bullet is as good as any out there.

    The close-up penetration in Factory Sealed is just too beautiful for me to choose any other, though. Makes me all giddy every time I see it.

    rlouisj, I've sent you a PM.
  9. FS>Bullet - Hands down.
  10. Just a heads up!

    I performed FS and BT thanksgiving day one right after the other and they SLAYED!!

    Justin N. Miller
  11. Haha grats Justin. Oh, I got Army of 52 a few days ago and watched it. I have to say great job to you sir.:D

    Personally I like FC better than BT, however, if you have good showmanship, both can be equally as impressive.
  12. I like them BOTH.

    Both Bullet and Factory Sealed can be done on the spot with no gimmicks.
    Anyone who has these DVDs surely knows the strength in them.
    The best part is you can use bottles that don't come from your house.
    (I never liked the idea of walking around with a gimmicked bottle anyway)

    All this gimmicking of bottle effects popping up everywhere now and jumping on the bandwagon clearly is NOT necessary. That stuff is OLD NEWS and nothing innovative. When you learn Bullet and Factory Sealed and perform it properly for yourself, you will quickly realize that you just can't get any better reactions from spectators.

    The range is screaming to completely silencing your audience.

    You simply cannot get any better putting your specs in a frozen state only later to SCREAM, then calling their friends on their cell phones to relay what they just witnessed. "But i broke the seal"...I opened up the seal and stuff...It was FACTORY SEALED" All with no gimmicks, and a bottle right out of a vending machine...It's INSANE!

    No gimmicks to ditch...It's practical and CLEAN as can be.

    Anyone who wants to waste time gimmicking, knock yourself silly, because the methods and teaching in these DVDs are GOLD!

    Me too, man.
    It's just toooooo good. I hear you.
    The factory sealed part is just extra and shouldn't be overplayed.

    Anyone who has the DVD CAN let the spectator open the bottle. WITH NO GIMMICKS. It's soooo easy, you just apply the method taught as they open it and CRACK goes the seal. Simple.

    You can even do a signed coin for factory with the method taught in bullet.
    Not necessary, but you could.

    And anyone who says you can't set it up on the spot should speak for themselves.
    I just did it over the holiday and 1 2 3 Done, ready to go.

    I love Factory Sealed.
    The Visual Melting Penetration, Beautiful and CLEAN, through a factory sealed bottle with no gimmicking or prep work is the BEST thing ever to hit the magic community in a long time.

    Bullet is amazing too. Taught in depth with borrowed bottle and borrowed signed coin. Both are sooo real looking as they enter the bottle the way a real penetration should, right at the point where it is struck.

    Genious design. Genious Effect. Genius methods, handlings, and subtleties.
  13. I love both effects, but let's not mislead people here. For Factory Sealed, with the nickel presentation, there IS a little prep work, it only takes seconds. However, if you want to use a quarter, then it takes more prep time.
  14. Honestly guys. I love them both. I saved $10 by getting them at the same time.

    The great thing about owning both, is that you can now apply this type of effect in different situations.

    You can perform FS and then take the bottle back and slam the coin inside it. You can use them both in a mini routine.

    If you where to ask me which one looks most amazing. Factory Sealed. It just messes with your head.

    The impromptu version of Bullet is probably the only way I will perform it and I agree that they should have spent more time on it. You get the idea from the DVD, but you need to work on smoothing it out and there are no subtleties given on doing it this way.

    If I had to pick one over the other, I would go with Factory Sealed. I am glad I don't have to choose between them and I own them both.

    For those of you that have Factory Sealed. Use your imagination a little and you will realize that you can give the bottle to the spectator for them to open themselves. It's not that difficult and I am also amazed it was not shared on the DVD.

    This is what Magicians do. They take something, learn it and change it up to meet their needs.

    You can't go wrong with either one.
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    No, you cannot let the audience inspect and break/crack the seal. You have to be the one opening and breaking the seal. Simple.

    If you want to let them open and break the seal, you have to use other methods taught in other CTBs.

    For me, I'm willing to spend a little more time so that the audience can bring the factory sealed bottle home.

    First of all they are not jumping on the bandwagon.

    Second, I think they are new and innovative.

    If you want the audience to bring home the factory sealed bottle with the big coin inside, then those "gimmick versions" are necessary.

    I don't think it is a waste of time. In my opinion it is time well spent.

    The beauty of these gimmick effects is that they can accomplish more.

    You can let the audience inspect and break the seal, the penetration look more impossible with the aid of gimmicks, and the coin is bigger than the neck of the bottle. All these cannot be done without gimmicks.

    And the audience will NEVER know that the bottle is gimmick. Plus there are ways to make the effect look impromptu to them.

    As magicians, we should not be afraid of gimmicks. We should try our best to use them and bring more amazement to our audience.
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    You don't "need" anything from other CTBS.

    The spectator not only CAN examine the bottle in Factory Sealed IMMEDIAIELY after the penetration, but there ARE so many examples of it on the DVD.

    And, YES it is possible for them to open the bottle too.

    The creator himself addressed this.
    Although not at all necessary, the bottle CAN be opened by the spectator.
    All done with NO gimmicks or at home prep work.
    The solution is simple.

    You simple invite them to open the bottle as you apply the method.
    They twist the cap, and it still goes SNAP!
    Try it, it works.
    And before you say it doesn't...PRACTICE!!!!

    Justin explains the method very well.
    All you have to do is APPLY it as they open it.

    I even PMed Nick Verna.
    He said he was just talking to Justin Miller about it.
    It can be done. They BOTH have done it...It's no big deal.

    People on the E forums have tried it as well since Nick pointed it out.

    Mind you that you still get over the top ideal reactions whether you open the bottle or some one else does.

    The reactions are INSANE!!!

    PREP work means exactly PREPARED.
    You don't "have to" PRE anything here.
    You can get a bottle RIGHT OUT OF THE VENDING MACHINE and with practice be ready IN SECONDS...YES right in front of them.
    I did it at a crowded party with music blasting. It was easy as pie I tell ya.

    BULLET has a special tchniques chapter for borrowing the bottle and other cool stuff.

    So much IN DEPTH material is taught on these DVDS

    BOTH Highly recommended for the true Coin through Bottle lovers.
  17. That is a LIE.

    Nothing regarding that was taught in the DVD.

    You CANNOT let the audience inspect and break the seal with FS.

    Here is a quote from the E forums under the topic "THE Major Con on Factory Sealed"

    A poor guy was confused by the advice given by Nick Verna. The truth is, you CANNOT let the audience open and inspect the seal of the bottle.

    There is NO ungimmick method in FS that lets the audience open and break the seal.

    You HAVE to be the one opening the bottle.

    If you don't like gimmicks, you will have to settle with that. Simple.
  18. Andy.

    I read it and also understand the sequence to a tee.

    I don't need your happy hoisting you are not the creator of this GENIOUS effect.

    It's funny how you quote people but always leave things out.

    Here is a response from a forum member who actually uses this effect successfully.

    I am sorry you don't get it marc0. If you take what Nick has given you here it does actually work because I have done exactly that even before Nick posted this information. All you have to do is gesture for them to open it and apply the method taught in the DVD it isn't that far of a stretch in all honesty and doesn't take much effort on the performers part to pull this off.

    Even with this added method it doesn't really change the reactions you are going to get because the impossibility is the coin going through the bottle, who does or doesn't open the bottle is a kicker to the ending. The real meat of the effect is the penetration of the coin plain and simple.


    It's quite EASY.
    You just APPLY the method after you invite them

    All the 'basics' ARE taught.

    You just put two and two together and OPEN YOUR MIND.
  19. I'm afraid you left this out too.

    Read the quote below. It is from that same thread.

    So in other words, the audience CANNOT INSPECT AND BREAK THE SEAL.

    Stop trying to mislead other people.

    If you don't like the gimmick method found in other CTBs, you will have to open the "factory sealed " bottle yourself. Simple.
  20. HEY, people I have a good solution for this whole, they can't open the bottle themselves thing. It is not THAT hard, but you must get the knack of it.

    PM me for it.

    But in the PM you must give me two facts about the Factory Sealed DVD that someone wouldn't know with out not having it.
    TheInformer and AndyAce do not have to do so.

    And my opinion on Factory Sealed is this: Most likely one of the best handlings of a CIB. Factory Sealed over Bullet.

    And the spectator could care less if they can open it, they don't really even care at that point, they just witnessed something amazing and they are reacting. You telling them it is Sealed and then they here it is more than enough proof for them.
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