Is this a good trick?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josh Burch, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. This is a super clever method but the trick seems kind of bleh to me. Do you think it's a good trick?

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  2. Disney's Captain EO when it first came out (late 80s) was one of the coolest things I have ever seen!
    Saw it again with my wife and kids 2013 maybe, and it was just kind of sad.
    The show didn't change. I imagine this was pretty cool in the 80s too.

    So... yeah.
  3. Doug Henning's whole style was a bit hokey, but I personally love it. Also, it's important to note that back in the day, the idea of a magician was Harry Blackstone Jr., who was real proper and clean; Doug's magic was a far cry of that status quo, and it attracted a brand new audience. Doug was much less about the tricks and much more about presenting some emotions and stories. I think that this trick is a good example of that. To just focus on the effect and not let yourself enjoy the story, however hokey, would be to ignore what made Doug Henning so appealing. No, it hasn't particularly aged well with today's magic culture, but I think it's a good skill to be able to appreciate this trick as it was before.
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  4. Yes,
    It is very impressive.
  5. Perhaps a more useful question would be, "Did the audience enjoy the performance?"

    I think we, as magicians, often get bogged down in the idea of a trick being 'good' in and of itself. A trick is just a set of actions performed in succession. Those actions, in themselves, aren't really good or bad. It's meaningless unless there is someone to observe the actions and react to them.

    I will fully admit I have zero interest in stage magic and the dominance of stage magic when I was young is exactly the reason I didn't get into magic until more than halfway through my twenties. But that just means I'm not the audience for it. It's not 'bad' - clearly tons of people do enjoy watching it.

    Also, I'm sure every one of us has seen various magicians all do basically the same trick. But different performances will resonate with different people. Henning's magic resonated with a lot of people. So in that sense, with that audience, yes - it's a good trick. (I didn't actually watch the video, though, I'm speaking in general terms)

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