ISO: Gaff Dice!

Nov 17, 2008
Hi all, i am looking to acquire a set of Jason England's Gaff Dice. Doesn't matter if they are new or used. I am willing to buy above 2x face, or trade another magic item of your choosing. Please message me if you have a set and would like to discuss. I will make it worth your while. TY

Lyle Borders

vp of operations // theory11
Staff member
Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey Marcel!

Lots of people use the forum. I suspect there are two reasons you aren't seeing a lot of replies.

1 - We don't allow buying / selling / advertising in the forums. I suspect most people just aren't wanting to jump in on a thread they expect will get closed.

2 - The Jason England Gimmick Dice were a VERY limited edition product from years ago (2012 I believe). We sold a VERY small number of sets from Jason's private collection, and they have not been made available again since. 9 years later, it is going to be extremely hard to find one of those people who purchased these sets, and even harder to find someone willing to part with a set. The majority of forum members here won't have been around that long, and have probably never seen these advertised.

Sorry I can't point you in a better direction. Good luck on your hunt! I'm sure there is someone out there who would be willing to make a deal, it just might be a challenge to find them.

// L
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