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  1. Anybody know where I can learn the isolations that Zach mulleur does it not theory 11 used to have tutorials on them but can't seem to find them
  2. You can probably find at least a few of his moves taught on Youtube.
  3. Jaspas Deck has some tutorials on them (he came up with the Isolations first, I believe.)
  4. Isolations have been around for a very long time. He may have been the first to do it with playing cards, but contact jugglers and object manipulators in general have been doing them forever.
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  5. Shcool of cardistry has a good tutorial for your standard isolations. The more advanced ones aren't too hard to follow along with. just put both your fingers on the back of the card; one curled and one straight, than extend the curled finger and vice versa for the other finger. Wallah, it spins the card around. It isn't really too hard to follow along with.

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