Jack Carpenter Shadow & Shake New Release!

Nov 11, 2020
Jack Carpenter has released his commercial in-the-hands three phase ace transposition routine full of visual changes in a new book called "Shadow & Shake".

The routine is perfect for walk around. The book also includes additional material some of which is shown in the video trailer.

Watch the video trailer here:

Mention: Theory11 and receive free shipping ($20 post paid in the USA)
Nov 11, 2020
To order the book send $20 to Paypal: jamiemasterson@52kardz.com

Mention Theory11 and receive free shipping in US.

Here are some details on the content of the book:

Skill level is somewhat subjective but I'd say that the main routine requires Intermediate Level card handling skills (5/10) and this includes the Alternate Endings section. There is additional material in the book that I would say is more advanced (8/10) like some of the fingertip visual changes that you see on the video trailer. Keep in mind that you don't need to be able to do the fingertip changes taught in the advanced section to use the main routine.

The book is set-up such that it teaches alternate handlings options and sequences that are interchangeable within the body of the main routine based on a person's skill level. This allows the student to pick and choose and customize his/her own routine based on what feels most comfortable.

The Shadow & Shake routine has three phases:

Phase 1-The black aces are placed under the red aces and appear back on top
Phase 2 -The black aces visually change one at a time into the red aces
Phase 3 -The red aces change places with the black aces under a spectators hand

There is also a lot more stuff taught in the book in subsequent sections:
+ Advanced handling options
+ Additional Climax Endings
+ psychology points and pro tips for performance

Profusely illustrated and taught with detailed descriptions.

Many that have received Shadow & Shake have told me that they are impressed with the quality of the production.

Hope that provides enough information for those interested in the book.

Best Wishes,
Jamie Masterson
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