Jason Englands - Gamblers Cop

May 28, 2010
I have a question about the positioning of the card.
In Jasons he states that the coped card should be resting between the pad of your thumb and the second knuckle of your middle finger.
I originally learnt about this move from a Daniel Madison DVD i bought the Jason England version hoping to refine my technique as his 1on1's are sound, however Madison teaches it differently.
The 2 major differences are that Madison doesnt catch a pinky break (he uses a slide technique) and he holds the card much further back in the hand (between the pad of the thumb and the first knuckle on the ring finger at a diagonal angle).
My question is:
1 is which technique is better and why
2 can anyone tell me the reason for the difference i.e that Madison performs this stood up so it offers more cover or something

Any info anyone can give me now just about the questions but also tips and other info in general about the gamblers cop would be really good
Sep 1, 2007
Montreal, Quebec
For Multiple cards you have to get a break and for a single card do what fell confortable for you. I prefer to slide for a sigle card but both work fine.
May 10, 2010
I believe it has something to do wth d+M standing up. For me I prefer Daniel Madison's way because my palm's not exactly very big. Nonetheless, exposing a little of the card is not gonna harm because of the cover you get once you learn how to position your arm in the perfect angle. Either way, the Gambler's Cop is an amazing move, and it can be executed invisibly when done with confidence.
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